Registered Phenomena Code: 182

Object Class: Theta-Red Alpha-Purple

Hazard Types: h-immeasurable.png Immeasurable Hazard h-infohazard.png Info-Hazard h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-182 is to be contained in a magnetically sealed storage compartment of Site-[REDACTED] (See Site Director report for more information) All personnel with a security clearance of level 4 or 5 are allowed access to RPC-182 All personnel with a security clearance of level 4 or 5 who have received a testing permit from their Site Director are allowed access to RPC-182. Following Incident-182-01, all tests are to be supervised by Site-[REDACTED]'s Director. Under no circumstances should any personnel search RPC-182 for information that is hazardous to reality that would inadvertently lead to the destruction of this facility and endanger the lives of the general population.

Description: RPC-182 is a leather bound book belonging to The Cult of Uut'L'iithra. The book is bound in leather from an unidentifiable animal containing an immeasurable number of pages. The pages are blank save for the first page, which is an acknowledgment by an unknown writer towards an Uut'L'iithra high priest referred to as Amaranth, transcripted below:

Devoted Amaranth; for your service and your loyalty, I lend to you this book. Let it give unto you knowledge of the expanse to better commit to the understanding that you so feverishly desire. Inscribe unto the book what you seek with your blood, and attain insight.

RPC-182 is a catalog of information based upon RPC-299's database that is accessible when transcribing blood into an empty page.1 The blood will fade into the page and disappear, only for RPC-182 to produce pages of written material regarding any particular subject the user writes. The book acts as a search function to instantly pull information directly from RPC-299's hub.

RPC-182 covers a large variety of information when used, including but not limited to anomalous entities, especially ones currently in possession of the Authority. When inscribing into the book, it is imperative that the writer must be specific when searching for a particular subject in RPC-182. The book can only retain information that is based on RPC-299's knowledge of the subject in question. The complexity of a subject is dependent on increasingly precise word strings. This can boil down to asking for specific information about the subject with only that portion of the information being made available, or inscribing information into the book regarding the subject. As transference of knowledge from the book to the reader has set a dangerous precedent with extra-dimensional, extra-terrestrial and info-hazardous information exposure being highly probable, caution is advised. (See incident 182-01 in the testing logs.)

RPC-182 was recovered from a L'iithra cult cell operating in [REDACTED], New Orleans when anomalous signatures caught the attention of Area-██. The discovery of the cell led to an organized recovery raid resulting in six captured, two dead, and seven missing suspected cult members. RPC-182 was discovered among the recovered materials found.

Site Director Report:

Due to the nature of RPC-182, we must ensure the strictest confidentiality. Since containment, there has been an increase of raids on Area-██ by the cult, and it is likely to draw attention from other GoIs. RPC-182 had to be transferred to an undisclosed site for this reason.

For an in depth look into RPC-182's effects, refer to the test logs below.

For more information and test logs on RPC-182, please refer to the Extended Test Logs.

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