Packaged instances of RPC-178.

Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-178

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: h-regenerative.png Regenerative Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-178 is to be kept in a standard containment storage locker at Site-015. For experimentation or emergency purposes, high-ranking personnel with a security clearance level of 4 or 5 are to have access to RPC-178. Unauthorized use of RPC-178 to increase a person's lifespan will result in a demotion to CSD status. Ensure a request form is filed out to site director via submission packet for permission to use RPC-178.

Description: RPC-178 is a series of translucent, fluorescent orange colored pills found in a glass jar recovered from the abandoned [REDACTED] Labs, in Lebanon. At the time of recovery, there were 77 pills in total. Initial testing showed that ingestion of the pills did not cause any beneficial or detrimental effects for the test subject until Incident-178-01, in which a CSD class was terminated during a containment breach.1

RPC-178 does not contain any viral culture or chemical composition of any kind. Any substances that are present within the anomalies cannot be determined. Any attempt to mechanically disassemble any pill or its contents results in spontaneous combustion reaction which destroys the pill.

Upon the death of a subject who has consumed a pill, their body will spontaneously combust and proceed to burn for several minutes until they are reduced to ash. Temperatures around the deceased will rise to about three hundred and fifty two degrees Celsius. After a period of thirty seconds, a new instance of the subject will manifest from the ashes in the same mental and physical condition as they were before their death. The subject will have no recollection of events between the time of death and revival period. Any subject with medical and mental illnesses will re-materialize without any of their prior conditions after death. Subjects who die over the age of seventy will revive and appear biologically younger rather than their chronological age. RPC-178 has been accepted for future cross-testing purposes that are of high priority. RPC-178 must be used sparingly however, as all attempts to replicate the drug have been met with failure.

Recovery Log-178-01:
In the aftermath of an operation that lead to the termination of a Church of Malthus Cell, the Authority acquired classified documents following successful negotiations with the Government of Lebanon. The documents detailed the locations and research papers of unofficial research facilities, including [REDACTED] Labs where RPC-178 was recovered. The facility has been abandoned since 19██. Scorch marks were discovered in many of the facility's testing chambers and what appears to be a habitat wing. One of the recovered files was heavily damaged but legible, regarding a set of instructions.

  • Take and distill 35ml of subject's blood.
  • Take 50ml of subject's tears and synthesize them in the subject's blood.
  • Take one feather and grind the contents in with red sulfur. Synthesize in blood and seal the beaker.
  • Heat the contents under 121.11 degrees Celsius. Rotate the beaker to mix the contents.

WARNING: The contents in the beaker will become highly volatile in this state. The atmosphere within the beaker is condensed to keep the contents stable. Do not damage the container. In a closed transference, divert 15ml of the compound into a vial.

  • Final synthesis requires…


CSD-0141, one of the test subjects who was administered with RPC-178, died on 4/12/2018 during a containment breach in Site-015 due to a fault in the containment airlock. RPC-[REDACTED]'s only casualty was CSD-0141 who attempted to engage the entity after being cornered.

CSD-0141 was incapable of describing his experience since his death and revival. CSD-0141 was given another pill and was given temporary psychiatric relief until further testing. It should be noted that RPC-178 can only be used once. When administered with another instance of RPC-178, CSD-0141 was killed several months later after an accident in the handling of an instance of RPC-102.

Only seven pills have been used since the time of recovery. Four of the subjects were called in to the medical wing for a psychological evaluation following the tests.

Interview Logs-178:

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