RPC-178 Request Packets




Request Packets:
Please ensure that you've followed the Containment Protocols before submitting a request. Note that RPC-178 is a high priority item and the use of the contents is limited. When submitting a request packet, ensure your request has a valid reason to justify approval.

Request Packets must be structured as so:

Packet #: Every packet will be marked by the Director upon approval.
Subject: Please include your name here.
Request: Explain what you want to request an instance of RPC-178 for and why.

Packet: 01
Subject: Dr. Silar
Request: One instance of RPC-178 to test if the anomaly would have an effect while in possession of RPC-162 should Dr. Silar perishes.

Approved: Just don't waste your second life Dr. Silar.

Packet: 02
Subject: Dr. Kale
Request: One instance of RPC-178 to cross test on a subject afflicted by the residue left by RPC-301. The purpose of the test is to determine if subjects will retain their ability to perceive sound after death and resurrection.

Approved: Recommend you use a CSD exposed to RPC-301 first before you test on any of the afflicted civilians. Do a full molecular reading after they re-materialize.

Packet: 03
Subject: Dr. Richster
Request: One instance of RPC-178 to administer to RPC-266 to test if she will re-materialize to her prior genetic state upon death.

Denied: We still don't have a complete understanding of how RPC-178's affect on the human psyche.

Packet: 04
Subject: Dr. Merodak
Request: One instance of RPC-178 transferred to Site-002 to be administered to CSD personnel prior to being exposed to RPC-715-7

Denied: RPC-715-7's anomalous effects are too poorly understood at this time for any meaningful testing.

Packet: 05
Subject: Dr. Carpenter
Request: One instance of RPC-178 to be administered to RPC-686 to test which re-manifestation will occur first.

Denied: This test is redundant, and we don't want to waste an instance of RPC-178.

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