Registered Phenomena Code: 176

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard, Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-176 is to be contained in a Faraday Cage1 100m underground in Site-098. RPC-176 is to be lead into its containment chamber through a silicon carbide superstructure measuring 10m x 10m x 5m on the surface of RPC-176's containment chamber. Should the superstructure or the Faraday Cage be damaged, all Site-098 personnel are to be relocated to another available site until the structures are repaired.

Due to the risk of a containment breach, only a set amount of electronic devices are permitted for use during active hours.2

Description: RPC-176 is a radio wave believed to be transmitted from an unidentified object in the Kuiper belt, currently known as RPC-176-3, the size and location of RPC-176-3 are unknown.

The game of Pong that transmits through devices when RPC-176 comes in contact with them is capable of expelling a sphere with a circumference of that of a softball. The object, known as RPC-176-1, appears to be the object seen in Pong bouncing back and forth between the 2 rectangles. RPC-176-1 is capable of propelling itself out of a device transmitting RPC-176 at seemingly random intervals. The object is capable of traveling at speeds of 2,500km per hour and will vaporize all objects, organic or inorganic, it comes into contact with. The object then vanishes after approximately 25 seconds. Despite not having a designated target, RPC-176-1 has demonstrated its lethality in urban and crowded areas, piercing through multiple targets, vaporizing their insides instantly upon contact.

RPC-176-1 has demonstrated the ability to evaporate any liquid it comes into contact with, creating the subsequent gaseous form of whatever liquid it came into contact with. The only exception appears to be human and certain types of animal blood, which is vaporized along with the subject. It is unknown why this happens, however, it is speculated that it involves the iron content in the blood of humans and (some) animals.

Because of RPC-176-1's ability to pierce through all physical matter, all tests are to be conducted in a rural area away from any urban or suburban areas.

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