Amazing! Co. Adorabugs





Registered Phenomena Code: 170

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Toxic Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: All unpackaged instances of RPC-170 are to be kept in containment room 4B on Site-068, in a Level 3 anomalous item containment chamber. Due to the anomalous nature of RPC-170, anyone who enters must wear diver's mail.1 In the event of any incidents of RPC-170 biting personnel, Class A amnesiacs are to administered to the victims. Any CSDs bitten by RPC-170 are to be terminated.2 RPC-170 shall not be permitted near wooden objects and/or electrical appliances. Personnel coming to collect vials of RPC-170-1 for the Procedure-170-ESARE are to wear industrial rubber gloves to avoid the danger of RPC-170 biting them. An observation room is to be built at the left-hand side of the containment chamber with a thick see-through glass window overlooking the containment chamber.

Description: RPC-170 is the designation given to a line of products created by the GOI "Amazing! Co.". Said products are a series of toys that resembles a spider of the Loxosceles reclusa species (Brown recluse spider). RPC-170 are animate and extremely aggressive, despite being made of plastic. RPC-170 will attempt to bite any animal or human subject that it encounters. Once an instance of RPC-170 bites a subject, it will inject them with an anomalous neurotoxin known as RPC-170-1. RPC-170 instances are not aggressive to subjects that have previously been injected with RPC-170-1. For RPC-170-1's use in Protocol-170-ESARE check addendum below.

RPC-170 instances are normally packaged in plastic with a cardboard packing adorned with the GOI’s company logo. Additional phrases printed on the packaging include "Contain Happy Juice", "The cwuetest wutest thing ever!", and "child requires to be 3+ years of age". While in packaging, RPC-170 instances are inactive. However, approximately 10% of RPC-170 display the ability to become active while still in packaging. These instances will behave in the same manner as for regular RPC-170 instances.

RPC-170-1 is universally non-lethal, and will cause the subject to perceive RPC-170 as "cute". While this in and of itself is harmless, it extends to a number of other mundane or unusual objects which may cause hindrance in daily life. Notable examples include the blobfish, water bottles, and tissue paper. No pattern to this part of RPC-170-1's effect has been identified. Upon initially being injected with RPC-170-1, subjects will experience nausea, headaches, double vision, and hallucinations. While uncommon, RPC-170-1 has been known to cause nerve damage and temporary blindness.

Addendum.1: Protocol-170-ESARE

Addendum.2: Recovery Log

Addendum.3: Experiment logs

Addendum.4: Interview Logs

Addendum.5 Incident-1/170

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