Registered Phenomena Code: 169


RPC-169 while searching for a settlement

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Auditory Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-169 is to be contained within a 15m3, vacuum-sealed glass container, with no less than 5cm in thickness. Due to the nature of RPC 169, it is recommended no personnel shall enter within 175m of RPC-169’s containment housing in groups less than 5. It is necessary to expose RPC-169 to natural sunlight on a monthly basis. However, because of the extreme danger of audible contact with RPC-169, a Mobile Specialized Team with the minimum of 10 armed members of the Jatayu's Vultures, level 2 personnel is required to attempt relocation to the designated safe zone within site-63 for RPC-169's necessary sunlight exposure. If not exposed for a minimum of 2 hours, RPC-169 will dematerialize. In the event of a breach, RPC-169 should be recaptured as soon as spare personal are available.

Description: RPC-169 is an anthropomorphic sentient tree that was first discovered in 179█, in what was once the province of West Prussia, now western Poland. However, reports of RPC-169 have existed since the 16th century. Up until recently, RPC-169 was considered a myth by the Authority, until RPC-169 was discovered and contained. Its outer texture resembles a dark shade of Fagus oriëntalis.1. However, it has been observed to change the color and texture of its bark if exposed to a new environment to better match the current surrounding foliage in an attempt of camouflage. It is currently unknown how this transformation takes place, or the time frame of the alteration.

RPC-169 will randomly materialize from any existing tree within 50 hours if no instance of RPC-169 is currently present, or if RPC-169 was exterminated. Once RPC-169 materializes, it spends approximately 48 hours traveling from its current position to the nearest human settlement with a minimum of 25 people currently at that location at the time of RPC-169s materialization. If no settlement is available to RPC-169, it will rapidly disintegrate into organic matter, (RPC-169-A) and will eventually materialize from a random pre-existing tree again in the same way it did previously.

RPC-169-A is a liquid substance that is constantly secreted from the body of RPC-169. It is what RPC-169 dissolves into once it is spotted walking. In small doses, RPC-169-A seems to act in a manner similar to a low-level depressive drug, like alcohol or marijuana. However, in high doses RPC-169-A seems to act more keenly to diamorphine, side effects include:

  • Vomiting
  • Coma
  • Repressed Heart Rate
  • Cold Body Temperature
  • Mild hallucinations
  • Death

Once a human settlement is found, RPC-169 will attempt to find a sparsely populated area of the settlement that does require only occasional human maintenance. Examples include factories, power-plants, water treatment facilities, and waste treatment plants. However, due to the assumed plant-like makeup of RPC-169, it requires occasional exposure to sunlight. Therefore, all known instances of RPC-169 station themselves out in the open and within direct sunlight. If for any reason, RPC-169 is unable to achieve natural sunlight for a period over 30 days, RPC-169 will quickly disintegrate into RPC-169-A and rematerialize as normal.

Once RPC-169 has found a suitable location, its leg-like limbs will implant themselves into the ground in a similar fashion to a sprouting plant's roots. Once planted, RPC-169 will lose all capability of free mobility and will eventually start receiving energy from newly-sprouted leaf-like growths, capable of photosynthesis. If RPC-169 does not have the physical ability to forcibly implant its “legs” into the ground, it will simply attempt to find a similar location within a 3km radius with conditions that match its first attempt of self-plantation.

Over implanted, RPC-169 will emit a frequency of approximately 12 Hertz which has been shown to possess anomalous properties. It is currently unknown how RPC-169 produces this sound, as its does not possess vocal cords or any other possible form of biological vibration necessary to produce said sounds. Within a period of 7 days, the population of the settlement RPC-169 resides in will slowly begin to experience symptoms remarkably similar to schizophrenia, side effects include:

  • Insomnia
  • Mild visual and auditory hallucinations
  • Paranoia
  • Mild anorexia

If the population experiences continued exposure for the entire 7 days, the subjects spinal cords will completely detach from their brains. As a result, the victims of the settlement will lose the ability to move their bodies by free will, still completely conscious, but paralyzed. Once this process is complete, RPC-169 will take control of all of the settlement's population via their central nervous system. It is currently unknown how RPC-169 does this, however, it is theorized to be connected to RPC-169 anomalous sonic capabilities. Subjects controlled by RPC-169 will move towards the entity at their average running speed.

Once RPC-169 victims are within its immediate vicinity, RPC-169 will mechanically lobotomize the subject via the interior of the nasal cavity, from there, RPC-169 will slowly carve out the victims brains, effectively, lobotomizing its victim. This process can take hours, with the victim fully conscious during the procedure. It will do this to every person under its neurological control until no one from the original settlement is left with their frontal lobes intact.

Once RPC-169 victims have been lobotomized, RPC-169 will through an unknown process, change the molecular bonds of its victims over a course of ██ days. Every cell in its victim's body will dissolve into nothing, but pure organic matter. It is currently unknown why RPC-169 does this, nor, why RPC-169 lobotomized its victims first. However, it has been theorized to be a form of mental suppression. As if RPC-169 is viewed by a conscious being during this time, it will manifest.

Once every victim in the immediate vicinity of RPC-169 has been dissolved, any artificially-produced structure within a 10km radius will be immediately converted into an equal volume of Pediastrum boryanum2Once all artificial martial is dissolved, RPC-169 will then dissolve into RPC-169-A and de-manifest.

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