Registered Phenomena Code: 167

Object Class: Beta-Red


RPC-167-A entities caught on camera at exactly ██:██.

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Grouped Hazard

Containment Protocols: Instances of RPC-167 are to be located every winter by MST Alpha-2 ("Maritime Praesidio Subvehi") to maintain control over their population. Entities located are to be immediately melted via heat gun. If any pedestrians witness MST Alpha-2 terminating an RPC-167 entity they are to be administered Class-G amnestics.

RPC-167-B entities are captured via P.C.C (portable cooler chamber) and then transferred to Site-███ for containment. Previous instances are to be placed in a 6m x 6m x 6m cooler cell. If any of these 'pack leaders' breach containment, MST Alpha-2 is to subdue and recontain escaped instances of RPC-167.

MST Alpha-2, as well as personnel assigned to RPC-167, must wear heavy-duty cold-condition survival clothing at all times to reduce the risk of hypothermia and frostbite.

Description: RPC-167 is the designation for a society of entities composed entirely of animate snow. RPC-167 are sapient and aggressive and have caused the death of at least █,███ people through hypothermia and frostbite each year. The means by which RPC-167 entities take on different forms is unclear, as is their means of reproduction.

There are two currently cataloged versions of RPC-167.

The most common designation for an RPC-167 entity is RPC-167-A-#. These entities typically assume a form visually similar to a humanoid head, torso and upper arms. On rare occasions, they have been observed to take the form of ███s. The way they traverse is by controlling the snow to go behind the entity or by making the snow push them. They attack via wrapping around a human until they freeze to death or are treated.


RPC-167-B entity with a solid form.

Instances of RPC-167-B-# are significantly rarer (10%) and are capable of assuming the form of a wide variety of objects and animals by absorbing ambient liquid water to increase their volume. RPC-167-B subjects are the leader of RPC-167-A packs and are dominant of RPC-167-A.1 They are usually larger than RPC-167-1 in terms of weight and size. Capabilities include water manipulation and curing many dehydration diseases. Testing of these capabilities is ongoing but inconclusive.

RPC-167 instances can be found worldwide, and it is believed that at least ███ remain outside of Authority custody. At least ██,███,███ can be found each winter.

Addendum.167.01: Message Log

Foreword: RPC-167-B instances frequently leave behind written messages in snowy areas.

Message found in the United States of America found in early-spring of 1824:

IT'S SO HO-(incomprehensible)

Found in Canada, winter of 1999:

Thank you for (incomprehensible)

Found in Israel, winter of 2000:

Roughly translates to:

You help

Found in Siberia, winter of 2019:

Roughly translates to:

Find us

Addendum.167.02: Order Log

Foreword: Ordered by Global Directors due to threats coming from RPC-167.

This is a message to all personnel from the Global Directors. Due to the reproduction of RPC-167, we have talked with the UNAAC and [REDACTED] about shutting down factories over the northern hemisphere. This decision was made to prevent a data leak and to prevent the probable effects of global warming. The conversation with [REDACTED] was for the order of ██,███ ████████ ████ and ███kg of ████. These orders are currently pending review.

To the Protection division.
ASF personnel in tandem with Alpha-2 be required to do salt sweeps of the northern hemisphere. Thank you for your time.
- The Board

Addendum.167.03: Phone Log

Foreword: Overheard by RPC line crawlers. Investigation of these two people is ongoing. It is unknown how these people got information about RPC-167.


Unknown 1: Guess I'm doing this now?

Unknown 2: Doing what?

Unknown 1: Just got information about some new RPC.

Unknown 2: Designation?

Unknown 1: 167.

Unknown 2: Anything interesting?

Unknown 1: Yeah, they're trying to shut down local factories around the populous areas of these things.

Unknown 2: Hmmm, sounds like they're trying to stop [REDACTED].

Unknown 1: Agreed.

Unknown 2: Anything else?

Unknown 1: Yeah, apparently the higher-ups made an order of 10,000 microwave guns and a whole bunch of lead from some unknown company.

Unknown 2: Interesting. Who do you think it is?

Unknown 1: Personally I think N█████.

Unknown 2: Damn, those guys? They like killed the market for advanced stuff.

Unknown 1: I know, crazy! They're trying to redact it too like they're embarrassed.


Unknown 2: Next they're gonna get personnel from Nihil.

(laughing continues)

Unknown 1: Yeah, but anyways, you wanna go kick over some snowmen? After that, we could put this shit up on the site.

Unknown 2: Ha, sure, but after when do you want to eat?


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