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A still image of RPC-166's containment cell during a breach.

Registered Phenomena Code: 166

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Bio-Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: Instances of RPC-166 are to be kept at Site-██ in a standard titanium biohazard containment unit within a 3x3x3 meter glass container filled with water.

A minimum of at least 4 floodlights must be shone at the container at all times to prevent breaching of the entity.

At Least 2 security personnel must be guarding the container at all times equipped with flashbangs and shoulder-mounted spotlights, personnel must also wear standard-issue biohazard suits. The container holding RPC-166 should only be raised in the event of testing.

Description: RPC-166 is a species of light-sensitive Microorganism capable of rapid reproduction in the absence of light. Instances of RPC-166 will rapidly die if exposed to light, with the speed of death being proportional to the intensity of the light itself.

Instances of RPC-166 gain nutrients by breaking down organic matter. A large enough group of RPC-166 is capable of completely enveloping an object or organism and quickly breaking it down into its base components. Intriguingly instances of RPC-166 do not seem to need to eat and can thrive as long as there is a lack of light, the consumption of organic matter does increase the speed RPC-166 can replicate, however. RPC-166 has been observed as somewhat sapient, having been seen to prioritize targeting light-emitting objects when attacking prey.

Groups of RPC-166 appear as dark shadow-like shifting masses on the surfaces of physical objects. RPC-166 is capable of constant and rapid reproduction in the absence of light and can quickly envelop the walls and floors of an unlit room. Physical attacks against RPC-166 are extremely ineffective as exposure to light works toward the rapid destruction of the entities' membrane. Staff should be advised that even when equipped with the proper technology, RPC-166 is still able to overwhelm and consume a staff member under certain circumstances.

Instances of RPC-166 have been found to be extremely inefficient when traversing liquids,
as it impedes its ability to attach itself to surfaces and each other.

Addendum: RPC-166 was first encountered on an island off the coast of ████, after the disappearance of a paranormal TV show host after having gone to the island for the production of an episode. Undercover RPC agents within the TV agency alerted the Authority to this and a team was dispatched. No bodies were found with most of the equipment found abandoned outside a cave where RPC-166 was discovered. A sample was taken for study while the island was sanitized of remaining instances. A cover story was created stating the host and crew were killed by wild fauna on the island.

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