Registered Phenomena Code: 165

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Bio-Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Info-Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-165 is to be kept sealed via a padlock at Site-046, and locked in a room lit with ultraviolet light on a steel pedestal with ASF surveillance, along with a backup camera security system. Any unauthorized attempts to open RPC-165 are to be punished with termination.

An automated battery connected to UV lights are to be connected to a backup power grid, in order to prevent a containment breach in the event of a power outage.


RPC-165 upon being opened.

Description: RPC-165 is an urn with Greek iconography on its sides. It is approximately ████ years old. RPC-165 is approximately 0.5 meters tall and weighs 25 kilograms and made out of concrete. RPC-165 is anomalously cold to the touch regardless of its surroundings.

RPC-165's primary anomalous effects activate once it is opened. RPC-165 produces a cloud of smoke with a seemingly infinite source. This smoke is invisible to the naked eye and is only visible via UV light.

When more than one organism in the Animalia, Plantae, or Fungi kingdom enters the anomalous smoke cloud, the two organisms will "pool consciousness" or equally divide up all knowledge, intelligence, behaviors, and personality among themselves. This usually results in a panicked behavior from all organisms enveloped by RPC-165's smoke (hereby referred to as RPC-165-1, RPC-165-2, etc. in order of entrance into the fog).

This anomalous element usually multiplies upon itself into incomprehensible and unpredictable brain behavior when more than two subjects are affected by RPC-165 (see Discovery).

Discovery: RPC-165 was discovered at the site of a violent massacre at a flea market in ████████, Pennsylvania. Authority personnel investigated the flea market after hearing reports of ██ casualties and "seizure-like behavior" from all shoppers. ██% of the smoke was successfully found and contained by Authority personnel, and after █ hours of investigation, RPC-165 was discovered to be the source and itself closed and contained.

Addendum 1: A request for testing of RPC-165 has been sent in order to study its effects on various species and objects. Test request has been granted, and numerous CSDs have been selected to perform tests on.

Addendum 2: Due to test results, all plans for RPC-165 to be used for mental analysis, interrogation, or mind reading are to be suspended. There's just too high a risk. —Junior researcher S███████

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