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Registered Phenomena Code: 164

Object Class: Theta-Red

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard, Ballistic Hazard, Aquatic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-164 is to be held in a standard large vehicle containment unit, sized at 20m3, when not in active service or in maintenance. A complete inspection of RPC-164 is to be held on a bi-monthly basis to look for damage, during which RPC-164 is to be completely deactivated. Any damaged parts of RPC-164 discovered during this period are to be repaired or replaced immediately.

RPC-164 is currently assigned to MST Charlie-2 ("Fire Fighters") and will remain in service unless otherwise specified.

Additionally, RPC-164 is to receive a full psychological exam after every mission. In the event that RPC-164 is no longer fit for service, its object class will be changed to "Beta-Red" and it will be retired from service.

Description: RPC-164 is the designation of an anomalous AHAFV-99. RPC-164 is sapient, capable of self locomotion, and displays a complete knowledge on the limitations and abilities of the AHAFV-99. The entity is capable of communicating in a strong authoritative male voice using its inbuilt radio system. RPC-164 is loyal to the Authority, as it has stated that it wishes to protect civilians from harm and believes that the Authority is the best way to do that.

RPC-164 expresses an innate knowledge of various Children of Nihil religious texts. The entity will engage in prayer to Yejing, The Pilot Sun at least once a day for a duration of 2 minutes, during which RPC-164 will remain completely motionless; during this time, RPC-164 will broadcast audio-based radio transmissions that recite various prayers known to be used by the Children of Nihil to pray to The Pilot Sun.

The exact means by which RPC-164 is capable of self locomotion is currently unknown. However, investigation of RPC-164's interior suggests that its conscious is a poltergeist-type artificial thaumaturgic conscious. This type of thaumaturgic entity is known to be used by Children of Nihil for various tasks, specifically, it is used by the worshippers of The Pilot Sun for the purpose of creating automated weaponry.

Additionally, RPC-164 is not required to be supplied with fuel, water, or firefighting foam as it has a seemingly unlimited supply of all three. Currently, it is believed that RPC-164 refills itself by praying to The Pilot Sun. The exact methods by which this is accomplished are unknown.

Addendum.1: AHAFV-99 Outline

Authority Heavy Anti-Fire Vehicle 1999

The AHAFV-99 was the vehicle developed by Nucorp on an Authority contract for a better firefighting vehicle and was completed in 1999.


AHAFV-99 during testing runs. Photograph supplied by Nucorp.

The AHAFV-99 is a tank-like vehicle built off a Soviet T-34 medium tank chassis, with various modifications to its tread, suspension, and engine. The treads have been replaced with a more durable design, capable of keeping traction in heavy mud. The suspension has been upgraded such that the ride experience inside an AHAFV-99 is much better than in an unmodified Soviet T-34. The engine used in AHAFV-99's is an 8 cylinder inline medium speed diesel engine, which makes the AHAFV-99 capable of achieving a maximum speed of 80km/h.

The turret of the AHAFV-99 uses two jet engines, that came out of Soviet Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 fighter jets, for the main cannons. These engines have been modified to allow them to spray a concentrated mixture of foam and water, up to a maximum distance of 5km after which it dissipates. The amount of pressure used to propel the water-foam mixture is able to be adjusted such that it is able to safely operate anywhere within its maximum range.

43 AHAFV-99s were manufactured by Nucorp for the Authority from 1999-2005 before manufacturing shifted to the new AAFV-05 (Authority Anti-Fire Vehicle) which was much more practical for traditional firefighting scenarios.

As of 28/05/2024 there are only 5 AHAFV-99s left in service, all of which are used by MST Charlie-2 ("Fire Fighters") for the purpose of combating fire based anomalies. The rest have either been sold for a select fee or have been dismantled and smelted down.

Addendum.2: Discovery RPC-164 was first discovered by the Authority when it was found being used by Children of Nihil operatives against RPC-045-ARC during its total containment breach and subsequent neutralization.

Addendum.3: AHAFV-99 Sales Documents

» Financial Affairs Division «

» Engineering Component «

Sale Records: HAFV-99

Amount sold Buyer Reason for purchase
12 Units Various Forestry companies Extinguishing forest fires
1 Unit Unverified Buyer Dealing with airport fires
3 Units GEAR Mass fire control; fire based anomaly counter
1 Unit Unverified Buyer Reverse engineer for mass production
3 Units Bulgarian Government Large scale fire control

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