RPC-163-2 in its containment cell.

Registered Phenomena Code: 163

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Grouped Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to RPC-163-1 being permanently attached to its current location, the area around it has been repurposed as a containment cell to stop instances of RPC-163-3 from escaping. RPC-163-1 is kept within a room made out of reinforced concrete walls, the only access being through a hermetically sealed 30cm thick steel door leading to a 15 meter long corridor, where an incineration system capable of generating heat up to 1.600 Degrees Centigrade have been installed to quickly dispose of any RPC-163-3 instances before it breaches containment. In case of a containment breach, MST Bravo-6 "Knockin' on Heaven's Doors" are to be dispatched in order to quickly dispose of the entity.

RPC-163-2 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment cell in Site-023, under constant video and audio surveillance. The only access point to RPC-163-2's containment cell being a reinforced steel door, which leads to a 20-meters tall elevator shaft. A cargo elevator is to be used to lead test subjects into the cell during experimentation. At least two armed personnel must be present at all times at the top of the elevator shaft. In case of a containment breach, the power supply to the elevator is to be cut and its brakes released, in order for it to drop down to the bottom of the shaft. If unsuccessful, [REDACTED] kilograms of explosives placed within the elevator shaft are to be detonated, sealing RPC-163-2's containment cell.

Description: RPC-163 is a collection of anomalous entities and one anomalous object seemingly associated with a yet unknown branch of the religion of Christianity. The anomalous object, classified as RPC-163-1, is a pentagon-shaped baptismal font made out of white marble, 0.35 meters tall and 0.78 meters wide, on top of a round marble column 0.92 meters tall with a 0.32 meters diameter. Each side of the font is adorned with copper plates engraved with heavily deformed human figures, performing sacrificial rites to [DATA EXPUNGED]. RPC-163-1 is constantly filled with 2.40 liters of human blood. Genetic testing has shown that the DNA of the blood contained within RPC-163-1 is inconsistent, changing from cell to cell and presenting numerous genetic defects. All attempts of emptying RPC-163-1 have failed, as it refills itself through unknown means instantly after having the blood removed. Besides the genetic inconsistencies, the blood presents no anomalous properties. So far any attempts to remove RPC-163-1 from its current location have been unsuccessful.

RPC-163-2 is a humanoid entity, with an appearance similar to a female human, Caucasian, around the age of 40, dressed in a traditional Roman Catholic nun's habit, leaving only its face, hands and bare feet visible. Although seemingly human, thermographic and radiographic analysis has shown no bone structure or any type of organ in its body. RPC-163-2 does not require sustenance or rest, standing idle in its containment cell with a serene expression.

If a human body, living or deceased, get within a 10m range from RPC-163-2, it will slowly turn towards the subject and enter a rage state upon visual contact. In the case of multiple subjects, RPC-163-2 seems to choose one at random, except when in the presence of prepubescent children, who will always be a priority target for the entity. During a rage state, RPC-163-2 will open its mouth and emit a high-pitched screech, reaching up to 180 Decibels. It will then throw itself backward, landing on all fours with its abdomen turned upwards. Immediately, RPC-163-2 will move in an erratic manner towards the subject, it's shoulder, knee and elbow joints dislocating to allow faster movement. At this point, several protrusions will emerge from inside its clothing, presumably from its pelvic region. The protrusions rapidly grow into mucous red appendages covered in yellow barbs, which act similar to tentacles, reaching towards the subject at high velocity. Once grappled by the appendages, the subject will be pulled under RPC-163-2's habit, disappearing alongside the tentacles. After consumption of all nearby humans, RPC-163-2 will resume its passive stance, showing no physical alterations.

Between 6 and 32 hours after the consumption of a human body by RPC-163-2, a Genus event will occur within RPC-163-1. During this event, the body of a human fetus will form within RPC-163-1 and rapidly grow, becoming a fully developed human infant in 15 minutes, now classified as RPC-163-3. During the initial phase of its life cycle, instances of RPC-163-3 constantly emit loud cries consistent with those of a human infant in distress. Once fully formed, RPC-163-3 will consume the blood contained within RPC-163-1, which will not refill itself during this event. Once RPC-163-3 finishes feeding, its body will change drastically, gaining mass and maturing rapidly, losing most of its human characteristics. RPC-163-3's body will become slender and appear emaciated, skin pigmentation will acquire a pale red tone, limbs will elongate to about two times the size of an adult human's, any hair present in its body will fall off, its facial features will melt into an amalgam of flesh and bone, from which a large vertical slit will open, revealing several rows of irregular needle-like teeth. RPC-163-3 instances possess great physical abilities, such as running at speeds up to 90km/h and exerting enough force to rip apart a 15cm thick reinforced steel door in 33 seconds. RPC-163-3 is extremely aggressive, attempting to attack and eat any living creature in its vicinity. Although not impervious to damage, RPC-163-3 is resilient, being able to withstand several .45 caliber shots to the chest and head without showing any sign of pain or fatigue. Whether its incredibly resistant to physical pain or just incapable of feeling pain at all is still unknown. However, RPC-163-3 shows no abnormal resistance to fire, thus making incineration the most efficient method to effectively destroy it.

Recovery Log: RPC-163 was discovered on February 14, 1993, inside [REDACTED] Cathedral's catacombs, in [REDACTED], Italy. After intercepting an emergency call from the local bishop, MST Bravo-6 was dispatched to the location. One instance of RPC-163-3 was found in the bishop's office, feeding on his deceased body. The RPC-163-3 instance immediately attacked the Strike Team, managing to kill one member and severely injuring two more before being taken down. Only one survivor was found on the site, one Pietro [REDACTED], a 16-year old acolyte who claimed to have found RPC-163-1. After securing the area, the survivor was sent to medical evaluation and further questioning by the Authority.

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