Registered Phenomenon Code: 162

Object Class: Theta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard


RPC-162 since recovery. Note the details of the ring have vastly deteriorated due to age.

Containment Protocols: Since recovery, RPC-162 is permanently attached to Researcher Silar. As RPC-162 cannot be removed at this time, Dr. Silar must follow procedures in dealing with RPC-162 and its instance known as RPC-162-01. Dr. Silar must ensure minimal casualties when utilizing RPC-162-01 for cross-testing or re-containment purposes. For his saftey, Dr. Silar must remain in the anomalous habitat wing on-site (Site-015) at all times. His office is to be moved to a containment residential suite with two security personnel stationed outside.

It is inadvisable for RPC-162-01 to remain in the presence of other personnel in one room for too long. Extraneous orders are not to be conducted without the permission of the site director. Even then, these orders must be conducted on site and supervised.

If Dr. Silar were to die, RPC-162 must be contained within a standard containment storage unit. Until the Authority can determine the best possible course to utilize RPC-162, Head of Site Security Chief Anselm Cole is permitted to equip the ring following Silar's death.

Description: RPC-162 is a rusted, iron ring encrusted with gold trim and cut obsidian in the centerpiece. Carbon dating suggests the ring existed as far back as 300 BC. Analysis of wear patterns found on the ring shows the anomaly has been in the possession of at least a dozen users in recent history. Tracing and investigating the recent patterns of the previous users revealed that during the turn of the 20th century, more than two dozen users were reported murdered or missing. Some do not match any databases of what their nationality is. Despite the ring's deteriorating condition, RPC-162 is impervious to all forms of damage.

RPC-162 has two anomalous effects; When worn, RPC-162 will become permanently attached to the ring finger of the user. Second, the user gains control over a new anomaly (designated RPC-162-01) that will manifest and only appear visible to the user after wearing RPC-162. The instance's physical form can only be seen by the user and communication with the entity can only be done through the user.

RPC-162-01 is described as a reptilian-like creature with a humanoid figure. A sketch provided by the researcher displays a rough estimate of the creature, standing 3.6 meters tall and with no discernible sex. RPC-162-01 is described to be a physical entity but attempts to determine the weight have failed to provide data. The cause of which is currently unknown. RPC-162-01 gives off high levels of heat from its body, ranging from around 33.4-65.6 degrees Celsius based on measuring the temperature of its presence. The intensity of the heat is determined by RPC-162-01's reaction to threats. When in hibernation, RPC-162-01's temperatures will drop to 10 degrees celsius.

While invisible to the naked eye, heat haze serves as an indicator of RPC-162-01's presence. Infrared frequencies make it possible to see the anomaly. However, any and all auditory and visual recording are unable to produce any feedback of RPC-162-01's voice.

RPC-162 is unable to be removed until the expiration of the wearer. Previous attempts to remove the ring resulted in RPC-162-01 turning hostile such as with Incident 162-A, where Dr. Silar attempted to amputate his ring finger with the assistance of another researcher. RPC-162-01 will defend the user unless ordered to stand down by the user, or until the perceived threat to the user is eliminated.

Aside from acting as a protector to the user, RPC-162-01 will obey any command given to it as long as it does not conflict with the safety and well-being of the user. RPC-162-01 will refuse to obey any order of inaction or indirection that will result in the harm of the user. RPC-162-01 will also protect itself so long as it does not conflict with safeguarding the user.

Discovery Log: 162:
At the time of recovery, RPC-162 was found on the person of █████ █████████, originally suspected of being a psychokinetic anomaly involved in numerous violent crimes. In an attempt to acquire the suspected entity, several MST personnel were injured and the suspect terminated by sniper fire without confirmation of squad leader. When questioned, the sniper insisted he acted within protocol in order to prevent unnecessary loss of Authority personnel.

The body was recovered for analysis to determine the anomalous capabilities and all personal items confiscated. A thorough examination made by site director concluded that the terminated hostile entity was no longer a threat. Dr. Silar requested further examination of the items within the suspect's possessions. After a thorough re-evaluation, Dr. Silar discarded the subject's attire save for the ring. Due to a lapse of judgment, Dr. Silar equipped the ring only to discover that he could not remove it. RPC-162-01 manifested sometime after. From this, the Authority has determined that the ring was the anomalous source and was in fact, not █████ █████████.

Addendum 162-01:
Below are written transcripts by Dr. Silar, the current user of RPC-162, in a series of interviews with RPC-162-01. The anomaly behaved poorly with Dr. Silar during the first few weeks of containment, though this slowly changed over time.

RPC-162-01 is able to speak in proper English. However, the entity is mainly proficient in Latin.

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