Still image taken from body cam footage of MST-Theta-07 "Metal Detectors" showing RPC-160. Recorded during initial discovery.

Registered Phenomena Code: 160

Object Class: Neutralized

Hazard Types: N/A

Containment Protocols: A camera feed is to be constantly recording the room where RPC-160 was found at all times. Listening post Alpha-11 and its subsidiaries, listening posts Alpha 11-A through D, are to monitor for a possible reemergence of RPC-160.

The hospital where RPC-160 was discovered has been seized by the Authority and is now designated Non-Anomalous Storage Site-095. The armory within Site-095 is to be stocked with bulletproof vests, military-grade hearing protection, and submachine guns equipped with extended magazines. A standard security team is to guard the site as per standard storage site procedures. Along with their regular duties, members of this security team are to be aware of the containment procedures listed above. Any personnel assigned to Site-095 must be familiar with anomalous phenomena and have a good history of following orders under pressure.

Description: RPC-160 is a localized void 2.8 meters in diameter. After initial discovery, RPC-160 was found to be slowly decreasing in size. The rate at which the volume of RPC-160 was decreasing was not determined before its neutralization. Testing was done by MST personnel to see how RPC-160 reacted to firearm damage. This testing was done without authorization1. When fired upon, RPC-160 exhibited a sudden increase in volume, which was followed by a more significant decrease in volume2. Any rounds fired at RPC-160 disappeared and were not recovered. RPC-160 shrank out of existence 174 minutes after discovery.

Discovery: The Authority first began searching for RPC-160 on 01/25/19██ when seven of the instruments at listening post Alpha-11-A simultaneously began recording levels above their maximum detection levels, including [REDACTED]. Additionally, the on-site spectrometer, which detects fluctuations in the ██████ █████████ ██████████, detected an additional [DATA EXPUNGED]. Readings from all devices lasted for approximately 4 minutes, 53 seconds before abruptly returning to normal. This detection event is designated RPC-160-DE-1. The origin of the readings could not be found due to the short amount of time of detection and the lack of quality instruments3.

After RPC-160-DE-1, three additional listening posts were constructed, designated listening posts Alpha-11-A through D, in an 8x8 km square around Listening Post Alpha-11 to triangulate the location of the anomaly using detection times of certain instruments affected during RPC-160-DE-1.

On 4/30/19██, readings identical to RPC-160-DE-1 were detected for 7 minutes, 23 seconds, detection designated as RPC-160-DE-2. Triangulation from all five sites was successful. MST-Theta-07, "Metal Detectors" discovered RPC-160 the following day.

Addendum RPC-160-A: The Authority was able to track down staff of the hospital from records found within the facility. Those interviewed reported that an armed security force was active there for ██ years. All interviewed knew that there were operations underground but nothing further. Based off these interviews, it appears the hospital was shut down the week RPC-160-DE-1 occurred for 'maintenance' and evacuated without a given reason during RPC-160-DE-2.

Addendum RPC-160-B: On 4/11/20██, the Authority was contacted by an individual named Al █████ via [REDACTED]. They claimed to have worked as security personnel at [REDACTED], where RPC-160 was found. The Authority arranged a meeting and apprehended Al █████ without issue. Once apprehended, Al █████ insisted on an interview.

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