Registered Phenomena Code: 157

Containment Rating: Orange

Lethality Rating: Beta
h-sapient.png Sapient h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-organic.png Organic


Civilian sketch of the reported "Beast Man" of the Angeles Forest, handed over to the police and later the Authority.

Containment Protocols: RPC-157 will be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-009. RPC-157 can leave his cell during scheduled cycles in which onsite security must retain permanent visual contact on RPC-157's position. However, under no circumstances is RPC-157 allowed access to or be in Site-009's cafeteria wing. Any food found within the confines of RPC-157's continent cell is to be considered contraband and confiscated immediately. Consuming any food without a Level - 2 researcher's permission is considered a transgression. If discovered violating any of the aforementioned security procedures, RPC-157 is immediately reprimanded and placed into solitary confinement. As a substitute for a non-food diet, RPC-157 must be fed a daily supplementary diet of pills containing his daily vitamin intake. Food flavoring packets are permitted upon request; however, this request can be denied as a form of disciplinary action.

For possible effects, see: (Test Log 1-5)

Description: RPC-157 is a Caucasian human male suffering from severe malnutrition. RPC-157 exhibits notable deviations from the standard human anatomy by lacking select organs, such as the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. RPC-157's gastrointestinal tract lacks native digestive microbiota and measures approximately twice the length of that of an average human. RPC-157 contains a large community of an unknown variety of stem cells lining its small and large intestinal tracts. If RPC-157 ingests specific multi-cellular DNA, Deoxyribonuclease in the gastrointestinal system will convert said DNA into stem cells. These stem cells are highly mitotic and will propagate throughout RPC-157's body. Lymph nodes and blood vessels are the first to be affected due to their proximity and unusual repurposing into vectors of stem cell dispersion. After approximately 12-24 hours following digestion, the tumorous growths throughout RPC-157's body gradually break down. After 48 hours have passed, RPC-157 will return to a normal Human-like state.

Recovery Log: RPC-157 was first sighted at Angeles Forest after reports of a "Beast Man" had been called to the local police. Two Authority embeds were dispatched to investigate the sightings; however, no conclusive evidence could be uncovered, and it was discarded under suspicion of a false sighting. RPC-157 would later be detained after calls of a "Hog Man" robbing a convenience store were brought to the authority's attention. Local law enforcement, advised by one MST operative, was dispatched to the target's location. RPC-157 was minorly wounded during the armed confrontation after an MST agent fired a 12 gauge round into its abdominal region, resulting in its eventual surrender and apprehension. All involved law enforcement officers were provided Class A-1 amnestics and released, with RPC-157 being transferred into Authority custody and provided adequate medical treatment.

For more information on Recovery Log, See: (Interview Log - #0001)

Addendum: Test Log

Addendum: Interview Log


Some have suggested an all-vegetarian diet. While containing plant cells, vegetables still have DNA that can trigger anomalous tumors' growth, so this plan has been denied. All further dietary tests for RPC-157 have been discontinued for their safety. In regards to RPC-157's mention of [REDACTED], It is speculated that, despite being contained in Site-042, it can still manifest elsewhere to carry out its justice on the sinners. RPC-157 was likely one of these judged individuals, having his hobbies of eating exotic animals deemed sinful and worthy of punishment.

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