Registered Phenomena Code: 157

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Organic Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-157 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-009. RPC-157 is permitted to leave his cell during scheduled cycles in which onsite security must retain permanent visual contact on RPC-157’s position. However, under no circumstances is RPC-157 to be allowed access to or be in Site-009’s cafeteria wing. Any food found within the confines of RPC-157’s continent cell is to be considered contraband and confiscated immediately. The consumption of any food without a Level - 2 researcher’s permission is to be considered a transgression. If discovered violating any of the aforementioned security procedures, RPC-157 is to be immediately reprimanded and placed into solitary confinement. As a substitute for a non-food diet, RPC-157 must be fed a daily supplementary diet of pills containing his daily vitamin intake. Food flavoring packets are to be permitted upon request; however, this request can be denied as a form of disciplinary action.

For possible effects, see: (Test Log 1-5)

Description: RPC-157 is a Caucasian human male suffering from severe malnutrition. RPC-157 exhibits notable deviations from the standard human anatomy by lacking select organs, such as a liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. RPC-157's gastrointestinal tract lacks native digestive microbiota and measures approximately twice the length of that of an average human's. RPC-157 contains a large community of an unknown variety of stem cells lining its small and large intestinal tracts. If select polymers are ingested (such as protein), these stem cells will begin to diffuse and propagate throughout RPC-157's body. Ingestion of said polymers appears to catalyze a reaction that results in the propagation of stem cells into various regions of RPC-157's body via the lymph nodes and blood vessels. Said stem cells will then proceed to aggregate and formulate tumorous growths throughout RPC-157's body before gradually diminishing after approximately 12-24 hours following digestion.

Recovery Log: RPC-157 was first sighted at Angeles Forest after reports of a “Beast Man” had been called into the local police. Two Authority embeds were dispatched to investigate the sightings; however, no conclusive evidence could be uncovered and was discarded under suspicion of a false sighting. RPC-157 would later be detained after calls of a “Hog Man” robbing a convenience store was brought to the authority's attention. Local law enforcement, advised by one MST operative, was dispatched to the target’s location. During the armed confrontation, RPC-157 was minorly wounded after an MST agent fired a 12 gauge round into its abdominal region, resulting in its eventual surrender and apprehension. All involved law enforcement officers were provided Class A-1 amnestics and released, with RPC-157 being transferred into Authority custody and provided adequate medical treatment.

For more information on Recovery Log See: (Interview Log - 0001)

Addendum: Test Log

Addendum: Interview Log


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