Registered Phenomena Code: 156

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: N/A

Containment Protocols: RPC-156 must be kept within a low-threat containment chamber in Site-016. A low-voltage lamp is to remain on and focused to RPC-156-A at all times; said lamp should not be disconnected from its respective power source. Testing on RPC-156 may only be performed lightly (meaning no major alterations to RPC-156). Should RPC-156-A or -B perform any abnormal behaviors, they are both to be examined for 24 hours; if any resumption of normal activities occurs within these 24 hours, the examination may be called off.

Description: RPC-156 is a globe, measuring at 4 meters in diameter. RPC-156 holds both the Earth (RPC-156-A), and the Moon (RPC-156-B), both of which are void of any gravity, and act as potentially realistic simulations of the Earth and Moon. Evidence has shown that RPC-156-A has some form of intelligent life, as multiple artificial satellites have been observed via intensified observation.

RPC-156-A is known to rotate on its side, with a 23.5-degree angle, similar to Earth itself. RPC-156-B is also known to orbit at a 36-degree angle. Observations from within RPC-156 show that space can be examined, with no evident display of the containment chamber of RPC-156. RPC-156-A and -B are very fragile with their mechanics, thus limiting test opportunities. Please note that research has discovered RPC-156-A1, an intelligent species on RPC-156-A.

Addendum 1.1: Due to the uncertainty of the preservation of both RPC-156-A and RPC-156-B, testing is to only be conducted with authorization from RPC-156's Head Researcher, Dr. Brown. All behaviors of RPC-156 should be monitored and logged, as per order of the the Office of Analysis and Science, under the Research Division.

Addendum 1.2: Several minor testing sessions have been permitted, as authorized by a member in the Office of Analysis and Science. The following file will present the current situation of RPC-156.

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