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RPC-155-2 (See Addendum 155.01)


Registered Phenomena Code: 155

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazard Types: Aggression, Contact, Auditory, Emotional, Ideological, Info-Hazard, Memory Alteration, Mind-Control, Mind-Regression, Sensory, Visual

Containment Protocols: Due to concerns of accidental exposure leading to containment breaches, personnel employed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are not to be briefed on the nature of RPC-155. Authority Central Intelligence operatives are to be assigned to the North Atlantic Council and the Office of the Secretary-General to expunge any references alluding to "Article 0 of the North Atlantic Treaty" at the administrative level.

As directed by the Presidium, neutralization of any RPC-155-1 instances is not permitted. Expungement operations have been expanded to the United Nations Secretariat, following an increase of RPC-155 manifestation. Physical and digital copies of RPC-155 are to be destroyed with supervision. A copy, designated as RPC-155-2, has been kept for archival purposes and classified for eyes only at Level 4 Clearance.

In the event that RPC-155-1 instances unanimously invoke "Article 0", Site facilities within Western Command are to remain on high-alert and enter nuclear readiness. All nations considered NATO-aligned are to be treated as hostile.

Description: RPC-155 is a phenomenon that involves an unofficial treaty pertaining to a non-existent article of the North Atlantic Treaty. Purported to have been observed by Authority intelligence since the 1974 Brussels Summit, RPC-155, following a thorough search within the NATO Archives, does not appear to exist in any official documentation. It is, however, speculated that RPC-155 may have been the product of early propaganda and dissemination efforts by the Soviet Iron Initiative.

RPC-155 has been observed to affect those employed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. RPC-155 has been observed to affect members of the North Atlantic Council. These subjects are known as RPC-155-1.

RPC-155-1 instances were observed extensively disseminating information regarding RPC-155 by an unofficial document labeled "Article 0 of the North Atlantic Treaty." RPC-155 duplicates, both physical and digital, have been reported to be anomalous.

When exposed to RPC-155, affected instances are determined to communicate their diplomatic counterparts of its existence through clandestine means in order to avoid detection by the Authority and respective agencies. RPC-155-1 instances appear to behave normally, though profuse sweating near the forehead is indicative of early-stage manifestation. Further manifestations develop when RPC-155-1 instances collectively employ their position, whether politically, diplomatically, or militarily, to raise tensions amongst NATO member states.

  • Extraordinary measures depending on their position generally differ between RPC-155-1 instances. These may include plans to broaden NATO military exercises in Europe, support for the mobilization of NATO Response Forces within its borders, and militarization of disputed territory.
  • The majority of RPC-155-1 instances' decisions vary between the reputation of both military and political power in their representing country. RPC-155-1 instances with reputable military and political structure have been primarily observed by Authority intelligence. However, due to the potential collaboration efforts from other RPC-155-1 instances, this was discontinued after [DATA EXPUNGED].

Consistent with earlier investigations, RPC-155-1 instances appear to behave in a hive-mind network. Much of the information about this "hive-mind" is pure conjecture, but studies of RPC-155-1 instances indicate that they share information about their organization's efforts to fulfill their goal.

Certain RPC-155-1 instances are every once in a while convinced that Europe and North America have been compromised by Russian spies, provoking them to intensify political measures across the organization.

Since 1974, only ██ RPC-155-1 instances have been neutralized.

Addendum 155.01: RPC-155-2

The following is a complete transcript of RPC-155.

Article 0

The Parties concur that, upon invoking this treaty, the military forces of the Parties of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization shall conduct strategic operations against the civilian governments of the Parties, with the express purpose of the cessation of these Parties as independent and democratic political bodies.
In order to maintain the security and unity of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the military forces of all Parties are directed to deploy and utilize nuclear weapons wherever feasible to accomplish the above.

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