RPC-153 after recovery.

Registered Phenomena Code: 153

Object Class: Alpha-White Neutralized

Hazard Types: N/A

Containment Protocols: Any areas affected by RPC-153 are to be cordoned off to the public and "private property" signs placed around the anomaly. Any instances of RPC-153-1 are to be stored in storage unit 27. Access code requests are to be placed in Dr. DeFresco's inbox.

Description: RPC-153-1 is a non-anomalous M18 smoke grenade which, presumably, contained RPC-153. The grenade's interior has been slightly modified from standard-issue counterparts. The inside coating is composed of unknown composite metal and residue; the fuse alongside any evidence of it ever being used are missing, indicating that RPC-153-1 was used merely as a means of transportation rather than activation.1

RPC-153 refers to the visual anomaly that permanently occupies a 3 m3 area around RPC-153-1 after its activation release;2. Testing shows that any other frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum can be observed inside the area of effect3, which offers some insight into RPC-153's anomalous properties.

Subjects report mild disorientation upon entry and in rare cases, at the sight of the anomaly. Subsequent testing has shown that RPC-153 will develop various properties, the properties being directly correlated to the amount of light projected within RPC-153, at 4000 lumens random energy discharges form in the shape of UV lightning, although the most drastic changes occur at over ████ lumens where the chemical composition of the gasses within the area are [REDACTED] causing a disintegration of all non-solid matter inside.

153-A: RPC-153 was first contained as an Alpha-White class object. The Authority was unaware of RPC-153-1's existence until a CSD came upon it during initial testing of the anomaly's properties. The grenade was estimated to be at its exact epicenter, designating it as the point of origin. See Test log 153-1.

Requesting permission to reverse engineer the object, it could definitely be useful to agents in the field once we remove its permanent factor, as we suspect it was its intended use anyway.
- Dr. DeFresco

Permission granted. Although your main priority is finding a way to scrub the things out of the air.
-Site Director ███ █████

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