Deafening Silence

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Registered Phenomena Code: 151-ARC

Object Class: Beta-Yellow.

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Organic Hazard.

Containment Protocol: RPC-151-ARC is to be contained within a 20mx20m enclosure made of reinforced concrete at least 50mm thick. The inside of the enclosure is to be filled with trees, shrubs and other rainforest vegetation. This simulated environment should have artificial rain every fortnight. Observation windows made of 55mm bulletproof glass are to positioned on every corner of the enclosure and are to have armed guards stationed when observers are present. This facility shall be designated Area-44 and should have its designation used on any communication method that communicates with any other facility’s or areas. RPC-151-ARC Is to be fed 30kg of meat three times a day. A 2x2m and 3m deep pond shall be provided and refilled if necessary as this shall be the only source of water in the enclosure.

Any personnel entering the enclosure must be wearing ear protection gear and only enter or exit through a 5x5m reinforced steel door. This door is to be shut once personnel have entered or exited immediately. Two (2) guards are to be stationed at both sides of the door and be armed with high power weaponry.

Description: RPC-151-ARC Is a vaguely bird-like, flying mammal creature. The creature is observed to predominantly carnivorous but will eat whatever is provided including leaves, bark, and grass. The creature size sits around 1m tall (when standing) with a 3m total wingspan. The creature is coated in a fur coat that can be used a method of armor and does not appear to have almost any muscle mass on its wings or legs yet is able to travel at around 30kph flying and 6kph running. RPC-151-ARC’s feet are consist of 3 claws with a 4th opposable digit. The mouth of RPC-151-ARC is lined with teeth up to 30cm in length that point outwards of the jaw exposing them outside the mouth.

When threatened or more commonly hunting, RPC-151-ARC will emit a sound with a frequency so high it can not be detected by the human ear or any recording device. The sound however will deafen any living organismic with the ability to hear. This sound also has been reported to blur vision of victims to the point where victims struggle to see 2m in front of them. When the victim is experiencing these effects, RPC-151-ARC will latch onto the victim and violently attack, dismember, and consume the victim. Any other living organisms in the vicinity of the victim's remains can be consumed this way. At this point, it is very hard for any weapons to penetrate the skin of RPC-151-ARC as the fur will interleave every hair forming an extremely flexible yet thick armor coating to protect RPC-151-ARC from any defense the victim or nearby creatures may have, including high powered firearms.

RPC-151-ARC is highly curious and is a frequent escapee. Mainly escaping through large purpose-built holes, created prior to escape. Upon escape, RPC-151-ARC will most likely be presented by a large number of humans either attempting to flee from the entity or fight it. The asset will kill any humans it can latch onto before taking the dead remains of the victims back into its enclosure and store them in an area out of sight from any potential surveillance methods. After the creature has been returned to its enclosure and any holes or other breaches have been repaired, it proceeds to consume stored bodies.


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