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RPC-151 prior to decommission

Alpha-White.png Alpha-White Registered Phenomena Code: 151

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: h-aggression.png Aggression Hazard h-animated.png Animated Hazard h-mechanical.png Mechanical Hazard h-sentient.png Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-151 is permitted access to the Administrative and Office Wing of Site-015. Personnel are permitted to use RPC-151 as a standard trash can, and communicate with it. Under no circumstance should RPC-151 be mishandled, harassed, or abused. Personnel are not to dispose of recyclables in RPC-151. See Incident Report 151-1.

RPC-151 is to be kept in a small (8m x 6m) entity locker. A microphone is to be installed into the locker for communication with RPC-151. All personnel requesting access into the locker must undergo a brief search to ensure no disposable items1 enter the locker.

Those desiring to conduct an experiment on RPC-151 with disposable items must request RPC-151 be transported to a suitable testing chamber. Individuals conducting a physical interview outside of a testing chamber must comply with RPC-151 if given orders by the entity until a member of the Security Force can safely escort them out of the locker.

Item Description: RPC-151 is a decommissioned Disneyworld attraction previously known as, "Push the Talking Trash Can." Numerous instances of this attraction were manufactured and distributed across the world to numerous Disney theme parks. However, the attraction was decommissioned on February 14th, 2014. No other cases of anomalous properties manifesting in any of these other instances have been reported. RPC-151 has a small ID inscription on its rear, reading 'Model-██'. Any inanimate object deposited into RPC-151 will be removed by unknown and anomalous processes after 3-5 days have passed. RPC-151 is capable of being damaged by non-anomalous means. It is not known if RPC-151 can be destroyed.

RPC-151 is capable of self-locomotion, and will wander the space it presides in aimlessly. It will move to avoid obstacles and walls, though. RPC-151 is also capable of speech, which is accompanied by the mechanical movement of its cover flap. When alone, this speech primarily composes of quotes from Disney produced films, or statistics about the benefits of recycling. RPC-151 will engage in discussion if prompted, but the contents of this discussion rarely delve beyond the realm of waste management, recycling, and Disney related topics.

In the instance an individual deposits a recyclable2 into RPC-151, it becomes agitated, and will chastise the individual. If a disposable is dropped onto the ground, or placed in an inappropriate spot, RPC-151 will become aggressive and demand the waste be instead put into RPC-151, or a nearby waste bin. If these commands are not followed, RPC-151 will proceed to attack the individual by ramming itself into them. Due to the varying weight of RPC-151 based on its contents, injuries can range from light bruising and scratches, to broken bones.


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