Where the Hell is Whitechapel?





Registered Phenomena Code: 149

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression, Incorporeal, Sapient, Extra-Dimensional, Visual

Containment Protocols: RPC-149 is to be contained in a complex labyrinth, resembling the Victorian-era streets of Whitechapel, located in the Extra-Dimensional & Euclidean Area (EDA) of Site-042. The containment's interior is to be fitted with a special conduct material that produces an electrical field barrier, preventing RPC-149 causing a containment breach via its anomalous properties.

RPC-149 is to be secured by no more than three armed personnel in an ankle and waist harness while in mobile. Security personnel are to subdue RPC-149 using a taser device in the event that RPC-149 attempts to harm onsite personnel. (See Addendum 149.03)

Personnel are to not bring any sharp object, such as a knife or pen ink, in proximity to RPC-149.

While in mobile, RPC-149 is to be secured in an ankle and waist harness attached to a specialized handcuffs. These specialized handcuffs create an electrical reaction in the event RPC-149 solidifies through the restraints. Prior to transfer, personnel are to inspect the restraints at all times for any possible defect.


Fig. 149-1: RPC-149 (circa 1880s)

Description: RPC-149 is a Caucasian-British female, appearing in their mid-30s, who has been observed to phase solid surfaces, and disappearing once line of sight has been broken by one or more subjects around it. Previous documentation revealed that RPC-149 cannot solidify through electrical matter, and as such reacts violently to the point where RPC-149 can be subdued through an electrical shock device.

While RPC-149 has insisted personnel to refer to them as "Jill", personnel are to follow this name as to prevent agitation. This includes any sharp object in her view as outlined in the containment protocols.

Since containment, RPC-149 has been evaluated by onsite psychiatrists and was determined to have several mental disorders, symptomized from her distressing history as a child. RPC-149 was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) due to their erratic and unpredictable behavior at personnel, especially to female personnel. (See Addendum RPC-149.02)

In addition, RPC-149's violent tendencies towards women have been a likely cause from their antecedent homicidal and killing sprees prior to their containment. Research in regards to their aggressive behavior and aging connected to their manifestation is ongoing.

Addendum 149.01: Discovery


Fig. 149-2: Whitechapel Killings

In the late 1880s, the Metropolitan Police were investigating horrific acts of homicides that involved a series of death within the London district of Whitechapel. With the Metropolitan Police in scrutiny by the public, Prime Minister Cecil, at the advise of the Home Office, directed the Department of Occultism and Phenomena Affairs (OPHA)1 to assist the investigations and conceal any anomalous manifestation.

On August 29, 1889, OPHA received an unaddressed letter delivered to [REDACTED], revealing the killer's name as Jill The Ripper (designated as RPC-149).

While the contents of the letter were deemed sensitive under the Official Secrets Act of 1889, and the Suppression of Anomalous Behavior Act of 1876, to be released publicly, the letter was confidentially archived and a copy was made and revised for public release. The copied letter's signature was also revised under the name Jack The Ripper. (See Attachment 149.01.1)

Seven weeks after OPHA were involved, OPHA agents discovered a warehouse that was suspected to be a safehouse for RPC-149, within a nearby church. When OPHA agents raided and investigated the location, RPC-149 was spotted and pursued by government forces to only result escape apprehension when agents witnessed RPC-149 disappearing through the walls. Howbeit, this didn't slow the killings as it ensued until September ████, when OPHA agents successfully contained RPC-149.

Due to government scrutiny at the time, Prime Minister Cecil ordered the suppression and expungement of the investigation and killings, both confirmed and unconfirmed reports, to prevent the existence of the agency and RPC-149 being uncovered from Westminster and the public. In the early 1890s, Nikolas Tesla2 assisted the OPHA and designed an electrical containment field for the containment of RPC-149, which was considered one of the earliest prototypes of the late 19th century.


Fig. 149-3: Prototype Containment Field

In 1913, the Imperial Defence Committee reduced funding for RPC-149's containment infrastructure and as a result was transferred to another location somewhere in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. However, during mobile, RPC-149 managed to escape from custody and wasn't recovered until two years later in 1915, when Monarch Security apprehended and contained RPC-149 once more.

Following their containment in 1915, the Director-General ordered the permanent isolation of RPC-149 at a Monarch Security facility in Northern Ireland. Despite the transfer being opposed by Prime Minister Asquith, he was overruled by King George V.

In June 24, 1968, the British Government passed the Initiative for Anomalous Security Act (IASA) in 1968, which authorized The Authority to construct two installations within the United Kingdom and leased a military research facility. As part of the IASA agreement, Monarch Security transferred some contained anomalies to The Authority, one of these anomalies transferred to them was RPC-149.

Addendum 149.02: Interview ██/██/██

Following transfer to Site-███, Dr. Peyton Hub was selected to host an interview with RPC-149. Due to security concerns raised by Monarch Security representatives, two security personnel were present in the room for Dr. Hub's safety.

The following is an audio transcript between Dr. Peyton Hub and RPC-149

Addendum 149.03: Incident ██/██/1984

Due to the recent technical issues brought up by the Engineering Component, RPC-149's containment was to undergo maintenance and temporarily decommissioned for four days. During this time, RPC-149 was to be transferred to a temporary cell at the facility's detention area. However, while mobile, RPC-149 insinuated into an aggression state and attacked the transport team.

Incident resulted in the facility to undergo lockdown procedures, and additional security guards were dispatched. Several casualties took place with one confirmed deceased, and RPC-149 was subdued following additional reinforcements had arrived.

Addendum 149.04: Post-Incident Interview

The following is an audio transcript one week after the incident that took place on [REDACTED], 1984. The interview was conducted by Dr. Daemon Hart, Ethics Supervisor.

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