Item #: RPC-148

Object Class: Alpha Neutralized

Hazard Types: Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-148 is to be kept in a standard containment locker in Site-███. RPC-148 is not to be read by Research or Security personnel. RPC-148 is to be only accessed with the approval of Facility Management with the express intention of testing. As of ██/██/20██, RPC 148 is to be marked as neutralized. No further testing is required.

Description: RPC-148 is a book wrapped in a non-anomalous black cloth embroidered with a golden Black Sun logo. The book itself is constructed from a mixture of skins from different animals including █████. The book is written in a mix of Proto Norse and ████, and has been radiocarbon dated to 7██ AD.

The book’s anomalous properties manifest themselves when subjects read a passage from it. Regardless of the language known to the user, the text is readable and is understood by the reader. Subjects report a sense of pride when reading passages from the book and describe differing versions of a folk tale regarding a hero, designated RPC-148-1, in the region of █████ who slew a series of monsters to ensure the safety of his village.

Each tale has several features that remain constant:

  • RPC-148-1's name is rarely mentioned. When asked about the name, subjects are unable to recall it, claiming 'It's not important to the story'.
  • The weapon that RPC-148-1 uses is described as a ‘sword of blazing iron, forged by the Gods’. Several tales have shown this to be a possible RPC item in its own right, displaying the ability to increase its surface temperature to ignite the air around it and fire █████ ██████.
  • RPC-148-1 succumbs to his wounds from the battle at the end of each story and is buried alongside his weapon by the grateful townsfolk, with a capstone on his tomb detailing his exploits.

After finishing the tale, subjects experience an audio-visual hallucination of a rocky outcrop overlooking a glacier and a marker for a tomb, designated RPC-148-2, sealed with a capstone. Further testing has shown that successive subjects gain further information pertinent to the location of RPC-148-2, with common features including the sound of the sea nearby, and the ice receding slightly when the book is read in months corresponding to Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

RPC-148 was recovered by RPC agents following the end of World War 2. Following an agreement with the British and American governments, RPC agents were authorized to debrief SS Ahnenerbe members and investigate objects of paranormal significance in the Western Allied controlled areas following the collapse of the Third Reich. The object in question was recovered from SS Sturmbannführer E██████ R███████ after he handed himself in to a British Military Checkpoint and requested to speak with Allied Military Command.

After this interview, RPC-148 was classified as Beta. Involuntary Personnel were utilized to test the object first. After no adverse side effects were noted, testing was opened up to Voluntary Personnel as well and the item was downgraded to Alpha classification.

After approximately ████ subjects were utilized in the testing of RPC-148, a map of the locale was built up. Cross referencing with satellite imagery, RPC Researchers determined that the location of RPC-148-2 was either in ███████, Svalbard, ██████████████, Franz Josef Land or █████, Greenland. Further data relating to culture group locations at the time of the books creation ruled out the locations in Svalbard or Franz Josef Land. On ██/██/20██, RPC Authority approved an expedition to █████, Greenland to search for RPC-148-2.

After several weeks of searching, RPC Researchers deduced the location of RPC-148-2. On arriving at RPC-148-2, RPC Researchers discovered a skeleton that had been exhumed. DNA evidence and radiocarbon dating proved difficult as the skeleton had been exposed to the elements for an extended period, causing the material to decay. The skeleton was taken back to Site-███ for testing.

Following testing, the skeleton was determined to be the body of RPC-148-1. RPC-148-1 showed no deviation from non-anomalous human skeletons. No objects seen in the audio-visual hallucination that had been buried with RPC-148-1 were discovered in the area of RPC-148-2. The only other item in the vicinity of RPC-148-2 was the stone covering the entrance to RPC-148-1's tomb, now designated RPC-148-3, which was covered in Proto Nordic script referring to several battles that RPC-148-1 had been present in.

Following these discoveries, RPC-148 is deemed neutralised.

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