Instance of a steam locomotive similar in appearance to RPC-147. Circa. 13/07/1949.

Registered Phenomena Code: 147

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Auditory Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-147 itself is self-contained, with the exception of its RPC-147-1 instances. Due to their nature and sporadic manifestations, RPC-147-1 instances are currently unable to be contained. OL-Site-147 has been established near the area circled around by RPC-147 and must be kept under observation by designated on-site personnel through use of various remote-controlled drones equipped with standard recording devices. All Husk Events are to be appropriately recorded and archived, as well as any minor changes in RPC-147's travel speeds.

OL-Site-147 is to be disguised as an active ecological research station and wildlife preserve. A 50km radius of protected waters is to be maintained around the site. These waters are to be routinely patrolled by Authority assets disguised as research personnel. Trespassers are to be interrogated, administered amnestics, and released into the nearby town of █████.

Description: RPC-147 is a steam train, specifically a Union Pacific Railroad's 4000-class 4-8-8-4 articulated steam locomotive, commonly known as a 'Big Boy'. The surface of RPC-147 is laden with what appears to be an isolated coral reef ecosystem, including an array of diverse marine life such as: various crustaceans (most notably barnacles); mollusks; gastropods; and echinoderms. However, it is currently unknown how this ecosystem is supported due to the little sunlight that reaches it. Additonally, RPC-147's chimney also seems to act as a pseudo hydrothermal vent that supports its own ecosystem alongside the reef, incorporating chemosynthetic bacteria as well as Riftia pachyptila1.

It is currently located off of the coast of █████, Alaska on the ocean floor of the Southern Sea at a depth of approximately 1,205 meters. RPC-147's engine measures approximately 26 meters in length. RPC-147 is surmised to be operating on the ocean floor of the Arctic without rails.

It is not currently known what fuels RPC-147, however it is hypothesized to be a result of an anomalous bio-fuel originating from the localized ecosystems upon it. Due to the inherent properties of RPC-147, this specific attribute is difficult to thoroughly study. The speed at which RPC-147 travels underwater is approximately 330 kph, which is notably much faster than that of an average steam engine2. Alongside the effects of prolonged exposure to the pressure of the ocean's depths, RPC-147 possesses extraordinary endurance.

RPC-147 travels along a set path that roughly circles around an area on the ocean floor known as the 'Tarrak Iglu'3 by the local Iñupiat peoples, later classified as SAA-08. Based off of folklore often told by local Iñupiat tribes, this is supposedly the origin point of a race of anomalous entities. This area measures approximately 210 meters in length and 195 meters in width. RPC-147 appears to follow a strict procedure of performing 6 to 8 revolutions before coming to a stop at the northernmost point of SAA-08, which is notably the point closest to land. When this occurs, a Husk Event is undergone.


Picture taken of an instance of RPC-147-1 before quickly vanishing.

Following this stop, RPC-147 will produce a sound similar to that of those made by humpback whales. When this occurs, multiple (usually ten or eleven) humanoids, cast in a black unidentified substance bearing similar consistencies to ink, will exit RPC-147 and dissipate soon afterwards. Multiple witnesses of entities possessing an appearance similar to these humanoids, hereby designated as instances of RPC-147-1, are reported in the nearby areas whenever a Husk Event occurs. The purposes of their presence are also unknown.

Due to their nature, they are unable to be directly interacted with and will dissipate shortly after any attempts to contact them are made. It is notable that disappearances among the Iñupiat peoples are not infrequent, and that these disappearances increase during a small period after a Husk Event. Despite this, the people currently residing in the nearby town have had no qualms about this, or at least have exhibited no signs of such. Further investigation towards their involvement with RPC-147 and instances of RPC-147-1 are ongoing.

Addendum 147-01:

Following the induction of RPC-147 into Authority archives, Authority Agent Penbrooke was immediately sent to investigate the local populace as well as record further information on RPC-147-1 instances. Agent Penbrooke took up residence within the town's motel before conducting their investigation, as well as recording any discoveries they had made on a private laptop. Penbrooke was then instructed to provide ongoing updates on their inquiries. These updates suddenly stopped three days into Penbrooke's investigation, who shortly disappeared without forewarning of any actions they may have taken prior to their disappearance, leaving behind several belongings within their motel room including their laptop and a flash drive containing the aforementioned updates as well as various audio recordings and typed statements that are assumed to have supposedly been reserved for ongoing updates. Below is the recovered information.

11/01/20██ - 06:28:56

This is agent Penbrooke. I’ve safely landed and have found residence in the town closest to the Iñupiat settlement. I’ve already established my place, I should be ready to begin. I shall try to the best of my ability to maintain a clinical tone in my writings. All information found here shall be recorded in an emergency drive, should anything unexpected occur to me.

Addendum 147-02: As of 10/03/20██, instances of RPC-147-1 departing from RPC-147 have increased substantially in numbers. Despite this, the disappearances within the nearby town are not relative to this random bolster in numbers. After the recovery of the documents made under agent Penbrooke, it is to be assumed to be a result of theirs and the Authority's sudden involvement near the anomaly. Requests for reclassification of RPC-147 as a sapient hazard are currently ongoing.

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