An artist's depiction of the icon of Saint Catherine before being damaged.

Registered Phenomena Code: 146

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Sensory Hazard Toxic Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Incorporeal Hazard, Contact Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Auditory Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-146 is to be contained at the Monastery of Aekenthos at Site-182 and guarded by MST Bravo-6 "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" at all times. RPC-146 is to be kept on top of the altar located in the middle of the Monastery of Aekenthos on top of a golden velvet cloth. All 28 candles around it are to remain lit at all times and to be replaced immediately when melted completely. Prayer by Bravo-6 personnel is to be kept continuously 24 hours a day by at minimum two personnel in six hour shifts.

No RPC personnel are to come to proximity of RPC-146 up to 25 meters except from Dr. Hermes.1. All testing has ceased to avoid the disruption of containment protocols. Dr. Hermes has undertaken the task of reconstructing RPC-146 during its dormant status.

Bravo-6 personnel are to remain inside the monastery at all times, with all necessary provisions being brought to the them by Dr. Hermes.

In the case of the disruption of the mandated containment protocols, all personnel from Bravo-6 are to enter the monastery and begin Psalm 02:12 "Aekenthe O Totalis" from the Book of Totalis while avoiding contact with RPC-146-1. All personnel are to hold a lit candle during this process.

If the disruption has been reverted before the emergence of RPC-146-1, personnel are to wear the provided earplugs and avoid contact with RPC-146-1 until it retreats backs to RPC-146 on its own will.

In the case of Breach Type 22, all personnel are to evacuate the Monastery at a range of 5 meters and surround the entrance of the Monastery with lit candles and essence as to establish barrier to prevent RPC-146-1 from being able to escape from its containment zone. personnel are to begin Psalm 03:81 "Thanatos ek Anatheman" immediately and move towards RPC-146-1 as to force it inside the monastery. A candle is to be used to burn a cross on the door and personnel are to continue with Psalm 03:82 "Tartara an Aenkenthos" in order to push back RPC-146-1 to RPC-146. After the entry of RPC-146-1 into RPC-146, RPC-146 is to be carefully washed with holy water and the cloth underneath it is to be incinerated and replaced immediately.

Description: RPC-146 is an old heavily damaged Greek Orthodox Icon of Saint Catherine, measuring in 30x40x120 cm. The colors used in the icon have been found to be lead-based while a very light finish has been put to enhance the colors. The image has been painted upon a plank of smoothed out olive tree wood.

After the Containment Breach of ██/██/████, RPC-146 has suffered heavy damage, with pieces of the wooden blank having broken off and the face of Saint Catherine having been completely destroyed._

RPC-146's initial anomalous properties have been lost after it was damaged. RPC-146 now exhibits innate awareness of its environment and identification of individuals.. During its dormant state, RPC-146 has shown indications of spacial awareness, turning towards its hostile state if located anywhere but the Monastery of Aekenthos. RPC-146 is also able to identify Followers of the Church of Aekenthos, remaining in its dormant state if only Followers of the Church of Aekenthos are in a 25 meter proximity to it. Unaffiliated individuals have shown to provoke an almost instant state to RPC-146's hostile state, producing RPC-146-1.

During its hostile state, RPC-146-1 is emerges from RPC-146.

RPC-146-1 is an ethereal entity adopting the appearance of a faceless female human in the form of Saint Catherine. RPC-146-1is currently in a semi-transparent state. RPC-146-1's transparency state is dependent on the condition of RPC-146, altering the transparency state of RPC-146-1 relative to changes made to RPC-146. RPC-146-1 wears heavily torn clothing in the colours of purple, red and gold, similar to the clothing styles of Byzantine women during the 11th Century AD.

Upon its initial emergence from RPC-146, RPC-146-1 will walk around the monastery, inspecting it by moving her head around her surroundings. If all possible disruptions of the containment protocol have been corrected before its emergence, RPC-146-1 will wander around the monastery and try to get close to the personnel. RPC-146-1 during its docile state extends her hand towards the individual while praying, the source of the sound of the prayer remaining unknown. RPC-146-1's praying has been found to have lure the targeted individual by causing sudden change in their emotional state towards desire for contact with RPC-146-1. Other emotional changes have been recording such as pity for RPC-146-1, loneliness, compassion and affection towards RPC-146-1. Individual records have found that those effected by RPC-146-1's song have also experienced visual hallucinations, with RPC-146-1 adopting the face of Saint Catherine to only those under her influence.

During its hostile state, RPC-146-1 will act aggressively against all personnel, stumbling at a high speed through all obstacles or objects in her way towards the individual closest to her with her index fingers extended out in order to come in contact with them. Upon contact with the individual, they will fall into an almost immediate coma caused by severely high levels of lead in their blood stream, along with facing other symptoms of extensive lead poisoning. Only 10% of all individuals who have come in contact with RPC-146-1 have woken up as of date. Personnel that have survived from the initial coma induced by RPC-146-1 have been noted to have lost all mental functions, causing them to remain in a conscious vegetable state. No cases of full recovery after coming in contact with RPC-146-1 have been recorded.

RPC-146-1 calms down when it hears Psalm 02:12 "Aekenthe O Totalis", slowing down from its aggressive stance and returning slowly to RPC-146, where it climbs back inside. In case of extreme aggression, Psalm 03:81 "Thanatos ek Anatheman" and Psalm 03:82 "Tartara an Aenkenthos" have been found to cause distress upon RPC-146-1, causing it to retreat to RPC-146 when cornered. It has been noted that if a wall of candles and essence is formed outside of the entrance of the monastery, RPC-146-1 cant pass through it as it acts as a form of force field, preventing RPC-146-1 from escaping.

Discovery: RPC-146 was found in a small abandoned monastery in ██████, Greece by a small group of tourists that had gone hiking around the island of ███████ after they reported it to a local tourist agency guide. Initial responses of the tourists had been mixed with two claiming the image being in extremely bad shape and of bad artistic quality, showing a very crude image of Saint Catherine while one claimed the image being of high quality, with the wood and painting being in pristine condition. Later investigations showed that the two individuals that described the quality of the image as poor and crude possessed little to no investment in a religion, while the individual that described the quality of the image as high and pristine was a highly devout Eastern Orthodox Christian.

Addendum 146-001: Observation Log

In the following experiments, Observers with different religious stances were put inside the containment room of RPC-146 in order to view its anomalous properties and were tasked with describing RPC-146 as they saw it on the items of what the image showed, the quality and decay of the image (if there was any) and its overall condition.

Addendum 146-002: Incident Report by Dr. ████████

Addendum 146-003: Recovery

Addendum 146-004: Failed Recovery Log

Addendum 146-005: Incident ██/██/████

Addendum 146-006: Church of Aekenthos

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