A member of the public poses with RPC-141, following its partial burial in a landslide during an active event.

Registered Phenomena Code: 141

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Regenerative Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to the immovable nature of RPC-141, an Authority shell company has purchased the land immediately surrounding RPC-141 and constructed OL-Site-141, disguised as a museum focused on the history of Rapa Nui’s1 native people. Cultural artifacts within the shell museum are to be strategically placed around RPC-141 to herd the entity in a less destructive direction should it enter an active state. Motion sensors are installed surrounding the origin point of RPC-141, set to trigger an alarm with all assigned staff should the entity enter an active state and signal initiation of procedure Pascua-02.

All staff assigned to OL-Site-141 are to be trained in the application of large-scale amnestic glyphs, regardless of security clearance, due to the inherently public nature of the entity's actions. To this end, Authority infrastructure has been installed across the island, ensuring rapid dispersion of amnestics through media channels throughout the duration of procedure Pascua-02.

All Authority staff placed on Rapa Nui in any official capacity should be screened and ensured to be self identifying as of Rapa Nui2 descent.

Description: RPC-141 is a 30m tall statue with proportions anatomically accurate to that of a physically active young man. The exception to this is its head, which resembles those of the traditional Moai statues constructed by the native Rapa Nui people. RPC-141 is constructed from a material resembling volcanic basalt, which will slowly regenerate after receiving any physical damage, recovering significantly faster from damage sustained directly from human activity. There are currently no observable limits to RPC-141's regenerative capabilities and complete regeneration from non-visible fragments was observed during initial containment attempts.

When any threat3 is posed to the geographical Island of Rapa Nui or the Rapa Nui people and their heritage, RPC-141 will enter an active state.4 Once in an active state, RPC-141 will attempt to destroy, disarm or stop any entity or phenomenon responsible for the activation event, exhibiting significantly more strength and speed than that which would be physically possible for an entity with the physical makeup of RPC-141. Previous triggers for activation events have included, but not been limited to; tropical storms,5 attempts at enforcing Chilean rule upon the island, Authority apprehension of PoI on the island, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Once the source of the activation event is nullified, RPC-141 will return to its point of origin and enter a kneeling position before ceasing movement completely. This is considered the dormant state. While in the dormant state, the entity cannot be moved by any known means, anomalous or otherwise.

Addendum-01: Due to the protective behavior of RPC-141, and the nature of the Authority staff utilized on Rapa Nui, reclassification of OL-Site-141 to full site status and the storage of Beta-class entities is currently under consideration by The Board. Reclassification of RPC-141 to Theta is suggested.

Addendum-02: On █/█/1968 RPC-141 entered an active state, despite no observable triggers being detected. The entity stood up and began pointing directly out to a singular point in space. Since this date, the entity has not moved from this position or returned to its dormant state.

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