The version of the document you are viewing has been redacted to obfuscate memetic hazards.

Contact the acting Head Researcher if you believe you have already been exposed to RPC-139.


Registered Phenomena Code: 139

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: h-organic.pngOrganic h-gravitational.pngGravitational h-animated.pngAnimated h-infohazard.pngInfo-Hazard h-invisibility.pngInvisibility h-regenerative.pngRegenerative

Containment Protocols: Although RPC-139 cannot be secured traditionally, its effect is ostensibly self-containing.

As detailed by Procedure 139-SUBTERFUGE, fraudulent rumors of phenomena similar to RPC-139 are to be disseminated to the general public, and efforts should be taken to discredit claimed encounters.

Internal Authority documents with distinctive positional information relating to RPC-139 must be clearly marked as containing info-hazardous material. Redacted versions of such documents shall also be created.

An independent research team stationed at Site-305 is currently investigating methods of reverse-engineering RPC-139's effect. Direct all questions to martin.salamanca.235@authority.rpc.

Description: RPC-139 appears to be a smooth, spherical mass of skin tissue with varying pigmentation across a 2 meter diameter. The object floats about 0.5 meters above the ground and roams at an average speed of 0.4 meters per second. Its motion is meandering, characterized by a jagged "zig-zag" pattern.

The object is carried by a limitless force; external pressure cannot slow it or alter its trajectory. In theory, this would render it incredibly destructive, but in practice RPC-139 tends to avoid collisions with physical matter. However, for reasons not currently understood, RPC-139 seems preferentially attracted to areas marked by human settlement.

RPC-139 exists under a type of memetic cloak; the object in its entirety becomes imperceivable to any subject who holds knowledge of a past location it has visited. In order for the effect to activate, a subject must not only know the place visited but also know factually that RPC-139 has once visited it.

Information that can trigger the effect extends to firsthand experience, secondhand observation of true recounts, and the viewing of photographic or video material. Of note is that falsified information does not activate the "mask", nor is the mask activated by the object's present location; in firsthand accounts, RPC-139 could be observed and interacted with for an undetermined length of time after initial exposure.

History: Reports of RPC-139 date back to the early 1900s, first spawning out of Europe. A broad path of movement can be traced from reported locations: the object migrated to Asia sometime in the 1940s and was appearing in the American continent by 1980. Where or how RPC-139 traveled this distance is unknown, as this transition is marked by a five-year gap in sightings before the object resurfaced in Canada.

The first photographic evidence of RPC-139 known to the Authority was captured in 1945.

Incident 139-01:

In contrast to its normally-avoidant behavioral patterns, RPC-139 entered an intersection in [REDACTED] around 2 PM on November 26th, 2002. RPC-139 lingered for at least 15 minutes during this event, rotating in place and inciting a substantial obstruction to traffic flow.

Civilians at the scene began to argue over whether the object existed, eventually escalating to violence. The event was concluded by an unknown individual who, according to testimony, carried a plastic bag filled with cloth-like material that was used to "feed" RPC-139. It then moved out of the area on its own accord.

Local police initially dispatched to resolve the fight were unable to locate the reported object.

Addendum: On April 9th, 2008, RPC-139 neared the exterior of Site-███. It was quickly identified by multiple personnel, who used the opportunity to formally analyze the object.

Dr. Redmond attempted to remove a sample from RPC-139 with a knife. At this point, it was noted that RPC-139 seemingly lacks any biological structure besides countless layers of skin. It did not bleed or otherwise exhibit any sign of injury during this process besides temporarily slowing down. The procedure was successful; a 5 by 15 centimeter strip of skin was extracted and identified as mundane human tissue.

The skin sample was found to be a genetic composite of at least four different individuals, three of whom remain to be identified given they exist at all. The lone match was an Arthur Sullivan, currently residing in [REDACTED], over 1500 kilometers northwest of Site-███. Sullivan was detained by local Authority personnel but determined to have no knowledge of RPC-139.

During the Site-███ analysis of RPC-139, an X-ray scan was conducted using available technology. The resulting image depicted a female human skeleton encased within the object. Further investigation is ongoing.

Incident 139-02:

Three days after the Site-███ analysis, Dr. Redmond was off-duty on a regular morning walk when he observed RPC-139 in the distance. According to multiple accounts, the object rapidly accelerated in his direction, making collision after a few seconds. The exact progression of events is unclear, but it was reported that an unseen force violently avulsed Redmond's skin and fixed it to RPC-139. Redmond lost consciousness and was recovered with missing skin and severe bleeding.

Witnesses were questioned and amnesticized as per standard incident protocol. An assessment by Site-███ medical personnel measured that a combined total of about 0.5 square meters of skin was torn from Redmond's chest and face down to the granular layer.

In light of this incident, Redmond is seemingly immune to RPC-139's memetic effect. He has since proven able to perceive the object on multiple separate and unconnected occasions. In turn, RPC-139 has repeatedly visited [REDACTED], Redmond's current town of residence.

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