Registered Phenomena Code: 139


Hazard Types: Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Immeasurable Hazard, Corrosive Hazard

Containment Protocols: The area around RPC-139 is to be patrolled daily by Authority ships disguised as part of the Royal Australian Navy. RPC-139 has been hidden from the public under the guise of a sealife reservation. The border of RPC-139 has been marked with red buoys to signal this. Ships of any kind are not allowed to be inside RPC-139 from 12:00 am to 1:00 am ACST (USC+9:30). Entrance to RPC-139-1 is currently prohibited.

Description: RPC-139 is a circular area located in the Great Australian Bight approximately 7 km in diameter. When a ship enters RPC-139 from 12:00 to 1:00 AM ACST, they are teleported to a “pocket dimension” designated RPC-139-1. There is no known way to exit RPC-139-1. RPC-139-1 consists of an ocean of yet indeterminate size containing different iterations of the islands of Australia. These iterations are designated AUS-XXX; Currently, only 13 iterations have been explored.

Discovery: RPC-139 was discovered after reports of ships “mysteriously” disappearing near the Great Australian Bight (notably the SS Silence). Authority ships arrived at 12:38 am ACST and were subsequently transported into RPC-139-1. When the vessels disappeared from Authority radar a full investigation was started.

Authority Ship █████ (designated Vessel 139-1) was sent to perform a full investigation of the anomaly1.

Addendum 139-1: When returning to RPC-139, Vessel 139-1 encountered the SS Silence. The ship was leaking a black substance and displayed signs of severe corrosive damage. A red light was reportedly emanating from underneath the ship. Crew on board reported hearing a “metallic scraping sound”. After firing upon the SS Silence the ship rammed into Vessel 139-1 taking out essential communication equipment. Rescue Mission for Vessel 139-1 is currently waiting for approval Rescue Mission for Vessel 139-1 has been approved. Vessel 139-2 is currently missing.

The following is the audio log of Operation "Noise":

Addendum 139-2: On the date ██/██/2016, the audio feed of Vessel 139-2 had regained contact for ██ hours. Audio from Vessel-139-2 consisted of waves, metallic grinding, and an unknown entity talking. Due to the threats made by the entity, it has been proposed by various researchers to update RPC-139 to Gamma. Said proposal is currently awaiting approval.

The file below contains a recording of the audio feed:

Addendum 139-3: On ██/██/2018, Vessel 139-2 had regained contact. A single static image was sent by Camera 19, the cause for this anomaly is unknown. The image is included below.

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