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Photo of RPC-130-2 tuned to RPC-130-1 after a pregnant CSD personnel activated it.


Registered Phenomena Code: 130

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard, Info-Hazard, Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-130-2 is to be maintained in a soundproof Alpha-class containment room, unplugged from the electrical systems of the facility. The only RPC-130-2 instance is currently on Site-███.

Pregnant Authority personnel and infants less than 6 months of age are to be strictly prohibited from entering the containment room, with the exception of CSD personnel for testing.

Any television set is to be kept at least 50 meters away from RPC-130-2, to prevent the same effects manifesting in other televisions (See Incident Log-130-1). However, this is not a guaranteed way of restricting the ability to affect televisions outside of this range. The anomaly's area of possible effect is likely larger than the maximum area of effect that has been observed. It is believed that the phenomenon constantly changes its range; Due to this, tests are made monthly to monitor the changes in range.

Description: RPC-130 is composed of 3 distinct anomalies labeled RPC-130-1, RPC-130-2, and RPC-130-3. RPC-130-1 is a TV channel with the registration name of [REDACTED]. RPC-130-1 has the ability of "spreading" to nearby TVs: the range of this ability varies randomly as RPC-130-3 instances appear.
RPC-130-1 can randomly self-tune to any TV with no limitations of radius, although the likelihood of this occurring is extremely rare. Anomalous properties manifest when a TV is tuned to RPC-130-1.

The television set (hereafter referred to as RPC-130) will begin to generate a white noise and static. When this noise is listened to or the static is observed by a female individual within any trimester of pregnancy, the static will change to an image displaying children running around a campfire in a forest and the noise changes to a sound of soft music1. These changes are also visible to non-pregnant individuals. Said children can be heard speaking in an unidentified language. After approximately 1 minute of viewing RPC-130-2, the viewer will suffer from a miscarriage with several severe side effects, including but not limited to: intense pain, internal bleeding, vomiting, and death. Infants younger than 6 months introduced to RPC-130-2 will simply disappear and a new instance of RPC-130-3 will be created.

After this process a new child or fetus will appear on the screen, now designated as RPC-130-3. Where identifiable each new instance of RPC-130-3 is identical to the test infants who vanished. All RPC-130-3 instances appear on RPC-130-2 regardless of the TV where RPC-130-2 is tuned into. There are currently 21 instances of RPC-130-3. Instances also appear to age as time passes with RPC-130-1 turned on, the oldest RPC-130-3 instance being approximately 7 years old.

Recovery was made in 14/07/1986 when the town of Athol, Massachusetts reported 11 miscarriages with 9 fatal to the mother; at the same time, 3 newborn infants disappeared. Investigators discovered that the Church of Malthus had acquired the anomaly and employed it as a hazard. Deployed Authority agents terminated the Church of Malthus operatives and administered the amnestics as necessary; a cover-up story of water poisoning and a gang shooting was made.

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