RPC-129-A through C, during their recovery.

Registered Phenomena Code: 129

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Bio-Hazard, Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: All instances of RPC-129 are to be kept in standard humanoid containment cells RPC-129-A is temporarily being held at Site-002 while adjustments are made to the dimensions of its holding cell to accommodate for its current size (see Incident 129-A). RPC-129-B and RPC-129-C are to be kept in specialized humanoid containment cells constructed entirely out of [REDACTED], due to its oligodynamic effect1. All cells housing RPC-129 instances must be sanitized hourly by on-site janitorial staff; all staff that come within designated "danger zones" (assigned to areas in close proximity to RPC-129 holding cells) are required to wear standard-issue Level A hazmat suits at all times. Any instruments brought into danger zones for the purposes of testing, sanitation, or otherwise, must be first decontaminated via the on-site autoclaves2.

Entry of any other living organisms into danger zones that are not approved Authority staff abiding by the containment protocols outlined above is strictly prohibited.

Description: RPC-129 designates three humanoid entities (instances RPC-129-A through C) recovered from a series of catacombs located beneath an unnamed freshwater body at the Snowdonia National Park in northwestern Wales. All instances of RPC-129 are around 1.82 m tall and are covered in dense hair (obscuring most of their bodies) that regenerates rapidly if cut or damaged. Despite multiple X-rays, nothing has been shown to be underneath the hair itself, while all measurements taken with non-contact infrared thermometers have shown that RPC-129 instances maintain a body temperature relatively close to that of the average human3. All infrared scans, however, have been inconclusive as instances appear to have wildly irregular internal thermoregulation. RPC-129 instances possess hands very much like that of primates, most similar to those of humans in appearance. All instances display a level of sapience on par with that of a human toddler4 and behave in a similar manner. Not long after their initial recovery had instances begun to speak and express a persistent desire to befriend Authority staff, commonly asking for hugs or other forms of affection. It is advised that staff heed any requests made by RPC-129 instances (within reason), in order to avoid emotional outbursts that have occurred and resulted in significant damage to containment cells when staff previously ignored instances' demands. All instances of RPC-129 are presumably self-sustaining, requiring no apparent forms of sustenance to maintain themselves.


Close up of RPC-129-A. Notice the distinct lack of any visible sensory organs. It is unknown how instances perceive their surroundings.

Any living organisms that make direct epidermal contact with RPC-129 instances results in what can be best described as the "assimilation" of the organism in question5. Once contact between the two is established, organisms seem to be "pulled into" RPC-129 instances. This process appears to cause considerable pain to the organism undergoing it, while instances of RPC-129 seem to be unaware of the implications of their actions nor the suffering they cause. Assimilation of an organism results in an increase in the height and weight of instances over a period of time that directly correlates with the size of what is assimilated.

Recovery Log: After numerous investigations into suspects believed to be related to a data breach in which confidential information was leaked from an Authority server, MST Charlie-9 ("Countryside Hypocrites") was deployed to an isolated area of the Snowdonia National Park after it was determined to be the location of a prime suspect in the investigation, POI-3483. Upon being apprehended by Charlie-9, POI-3483 informed the unit of a series of catacombs that were located underneath a nearby body of water that contained "some dangerous shit," in his own words. An exploration of the catacombs resulted in the acquisition of RPC-129-A through C, as well as the discovery of a derelict subterranean research facility connected to the catacombs. Both POI-3483 and the recovered RPC-129 instances were transported to Site-088 without further incident.

Incident 129-A:

Addendum 129-1: An interview was conducted with POI-3483, where additional information concerning his involvement with RPC-129 was divulged.

Addendum 129-2: The RPC-129 recovery site, including the catacombs and adjacent laboratory, have been designated OL-Site-129. An Authority presence has been established at the location in order to research RPC-129 instances in their microbial stage, now designated RPC-129-α, and to prevent any instances of RPC-129 from growing any larger than 750 μm7 or greater; instances that reach such a size are to be terminated on sight.

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