Instance of RPC-128 in Authority custody at time of containment.

Registered Phenomena Code: 128

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Extra-Dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: The instance of RPC-128 in Authority custody is to be housed in a standard Size B anomalous object locker in Site-004, which is not to be opened for any reason outside of testing. Regional Director approval is required for all further exploration into RPC-128.

Location and acquisition of other instances of RPC-128 are to be considered a top priority. Should any other instances of RPC-128 be discovered, they are to be taken into Authority custody immediately by any means necessary and transported to Site-004.

Description: RPC-128 is a large cauldron approximately 50 centimeters in diameter, composed of a material chemically identical to basic iron which is heavily caked in rust. RPC-128 is anomalous in that it does not have a perceivable bottom inside of it. The interior of RPC-128 stretches downward far beyond the bottom of the cauldron’s exterior, leading into opaque blackness. When an object is dropped into RPC-128, no audible sound of the object landing can be heard.

The iron-like material that makes up RPC-128 is wholly indestructible and attempts to directly damage it results in a loud tone measured at 7000Hz that lasts for ~22 minutes. While the rust that covers it can be removed as normal, it will regrow as quickly as it is removed. While glimpses of the surface beneath the rust have been brief, a ███████ █████ ████ can be seen underneath.

RPC-128 was recovered from the home of Mr. William ████, CEO of ███████████ Technologies. RPC-128 was brought to authority attention after police responded to noise complaints at Mr. ████’s home. A housekeeper had apparently stubbed their toe on RPC-128, and smacked it with their broom in a frustrated gesture, causing a loud, piercing noise that alerted the surrounding residents. Mr. ████ had attempted to tell the officers a cover story, but his suspicious behavior eventually led to a search of the house, and the discovery of RPC-128. Authority surveillance of local law enforcement detected reports of the object, and took RPC-128 and Mr. ████ into custody, administering a Class-B memory wipe to law enforcement officials.

Following the results of Exploration into RPC-128 (see Exploration Log 128-1 through -3), it is believed there are several other instances of RPC-128 not in Authority custody. MST November-12 (“Dumpster Divers”) testimony and review of recovered video footage have led the Authority to estimate there are at least fifteen (15) other instances of RPC-128, with more in production.

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