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Registered Phenomena Code: 127

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Aquatic Hazard, Emotional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-127 is to be contained within a pressurized modified 90m airplane hangar on the outskirts of Site-002. Alterations to the hangar include:

  • a 60mx35m one-way (opaque side on the exterior) window within the southern-facing wall
  • 15 industrial humidifiers spaced evenly across the ceiling
  • a pressure-controlled observation deck
  • four water drains, whose runoff is piped to an external retention pond
  • two 50mx25m swimming pools installed into the floor of the hangar

These pools are to be filled with locally sourced rainwater on a bi-weekly basis.

In RPC-127's ██ years of containment, it has never expressed hostility towards any Authority personnel. As such, any personnel with level 3 security clearance or higher may request access1 to RPC-127's hangar for research or stress-relief purposes.

See document 127-P3 for extra information regarding RPC-127's containment protocols.


Exterior of containment unit.

Description: RPC-127 appears to be a sentient sapient2 iridescent cloud. Although RPC-127 is able to change its shape and has appeared as all forms of cloud coverage, it most commonly appears as a stratus or stratocumulus cloud. RPC-127 is also capable of manipulating itself into more complex forms not found in natural clouds, such as tendrils, geometric shapes, and numbers/letters. Regardless of its form, it possesses a distinct pastel rainbow color which shimmers and moves in the light. This coloration does not obey the laws of light refraction typically observed by mundane rainbows and iridescent clouds. Instead, it appears under any light level, even at night or in poorly lit environments. Although its mass and density appear identical to regular clouds, RPC-127 appears to be "heavier" than standard water vapor clouds. Subjects touched by RPC-127 report that it feels like being wrapped in damp fabric rather than fog.

RPC-127 sustains its form with moisture gained from the environment, as regular clouds do. When out of containment and low on water, RPC-127 will move to humid environments to absorb more water vapor. RPC-127 will periodically rain, reducing similarly to non-anomalous clouds. RPC-127 rains approximately every 14 days, requiring more local water to keep a consistent shape. The rain from RPC-127 possess no anomalous qualities.

Despite the anomalous characteristics present within RPC-127's physiology, it still appears to be made entirely of non-anomalous water vapor. Water molecules lose all anomalous properties upon being separated from RPC-127 and appear no different than non-anomalous water when inspected under a microscope.

RPC-127 has displayed signs of intelligence. The object's intelligence depends on a variety of factors, such as the amount of water it currently possesses within itself, the form of cloud it takes, and the local temperature. At its most reduced form, RPC-127 behaves like a non-anomalous cloud, showing no signs of intelligence. With the amount of water provided as specified within its containment protocol, its intelligence is comparable to a 10-year old child. Research suggests that if provided enough water and placed in the right environmental conditions, RPC-127 could reach intelligence levels rivaling college-level adult humans. The object is capable of communicating with Authority personnel and has expressed good will towards the Authority.

When a living creature comes into contact with RPC-127, the subject will undergo several biochemical changes within their body. This includes increased productions of dopamine, serotonin, as well as the inhibition of glutamates. This results in subjects becoming content, unstressed, suggestible, and passive. These feelings become more pronounced the healthier RPC-127 is. These effects will slowly wear off once RPC-127 is no longer in contact with the creature, usually taking 1-8 hours to fully reverse. RPC-127 seems to willingly control this mechanism and can touch a person or animal without them undergoing the effects, however, it appears to prefer to use this ability and will always attempt to use it on nearby living creatures unless specifically instructed not to.

Addendum 127-1: On 8/3/20██, faulty wiring caused an electrical fire to occur within the observation deck of RPC-127's containment hangar, blocking off escape routes for research personnel and trapping them in an enclosed space with the fire.

Upon noticing this, RPC-127 compressed its form enough to slip through a crack in the observation room glass created by the researchers. RPC-127 proceeded to use its anomalous abilities on the researchers, preventing them from panicking, then began raining (9 days earlier than expected) on the fire, extinguishing it completely.

This level of problem solving and altruistic behavior are atypical in sentient animate object anomalies. On 8/6/20██, Parapsychology expert Dr. Green arrived at Site-002 to attempt to communicate with RPC-127. Using a series of ideograms, non-verbal gestures, and abstract symbols, Dr. Green was able to establish a form of communication with RPC-127, as well as determine the object's sapient nature. After ██ months of frequent conversation, RPC-127 gained a rudimentary understanding of the English language. Efforts to teach RPC-127 to follow other orders and complete tasks such as moving objects, forming specific shapes, and selectively using its pacifying ability are ongoing.

Note from Dr. Green following Interview 127-016:

"Communication efforts are progressing nicely. It seems to be able to recognize me by name now. Unsure if that's simply from the sound, or because of the name itself. Either way, progress.

Also, I believe it would prefer a window in its containment unit. Likes to watch clouds. I think that could be arranged.

I'd also like to recommend increasing its water intake by 50%. Expanding its mental capacity could help us gain a better understanding of its function."

Addendum 127-2: On 6/15/20██, Dr. Green and a security detail entered RPC-127's containment unit for a routine interview session. As Agent █████ █████ entered the hangar, RPC-127 immediately drifted over to him, extending downwards and enveloping him in fog, triggering its pacifying effect on the agent. This was considered unusual behavior because as of RPC-127 and Dr. Green's seventh interview session it was believed that RPC-127 had been trained to no longer use its anomalous abilities on human beings unless specifically instructed to.

Dr. Green opted to continue the interview despite this behavior, a log of which is provided below.


Contact Archival Director ████ ███ for permission to access additional logs.

Document 127-P3:


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