Retro Vision by Amazing! Co.






Registered Phenomena Code: 125

Object Class: Alpha-White1

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard, Sensory Hazard.

Containment Protocols: RPC-125 is to be contained at Site-007 in a standard security containment locker. Basic alpha containment protocols are to be followed with RPC-125. Access to RPC-125 is freely available to those with Level-2 clearance or higher. Personnel accessing RPC-125 should record their name, date, reason for access, and duration of access in log RPC-125-01.

Description: RPC-125 is a modified Telstar Predicta Meteor television created or modified by Amazing! Co. as indicated by the latter's logo beneath the television screen. It is indicative of televisions of the 1950s sitting on three legs with a swivel screen on top. It is black with brass accents and logos. A single dial on the front lists numbers from one to thirteen. Beneath the dial is a single red switch that will turn RPC-125 on or off. The panel around this dial appears to change color depending on the angle it is viewed from. RPC-125 weighs ███kg which is more than five times the normal weight for the non-anomalous model of a similar television. It is able to be turned on at any time despite lacking any power source or a plug-in cord.


RPC-125's Control Dial

When turned on, RPC-125's anomalous effects are made apparent. Any viewer of RPC-125 standing at any angle will see through the screen as though it were a window.2 The area viewed through RPC-125 appears as though it did exactly one hour before. The dial on the front of RPC-125 may be adjusted up to thirteen and the screen will show that many hours before instead. The screen may also be rotated up to one quarter turn in either direction without any disruption of effects. Any rotation of display will adjust what subjects view accordingly.

Further anomalous effects manifest in subjects during extended viewing. Any subject viewing RPC-125 will begin to experience immediate change of visual stimuli. Over the course of the first ten minutes of viewing RPC-125, subject's vision will slowly shift to appear grey-scale like that of 1950s-era television. After between ten and thirty minutes, viewers will start to see scan-lines and visual distortions in line with the previous effect. Subjects who continue to view RPC-125 will experience a slow degradation of visual quality until all vision is obscured by signal static after a total of one to three hours of viewing has passed. Testing shows these effects last a duration of approximately one day per one minute spent viewing RPC-125.

Discovery: RPC-125 was discovered in a warehouse in ████████, Sweden alongside a number of other anomalous Amazing! Co. products during a raid by Hotel-01 "The Highlanders" upon details reported by a local Authority agent. It was packaged in a wooden crate along with a single sheet of paper.3

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