RPC-122-1, RPC-122-2, RPC-122-3 and RPC-122-4 in their containment chamber.


Registered Phenomena Code: 122

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: N/A

Containment Protocols: RPC-122 is to be contained in a 15x15 meter containment chamber with weekly maintenance to ensure the state of RPC-122 does not alter. If RPC-122's state alters, location is to be changed and Protocol-122-Alpha enacted1 to prevent more incidents occurring.
Upon the conclusion of an experiment, Protocol-122-Alpha is to be enacted by a security staff member to halt anomalous effects.

No experimentation on living beings is to be done on RPC-122 by any means. Personnel caught experimenting RPC-122 on living beings will receive severe punishment and coercion measures.

Description: RPC-122 consists of four white wooden dice that date back to 1844. RPC-122 does not exhibit its anomalous effects until all instances cumulatively represent their original summed value of 12. Experiments have been conducted to investigate how such a value could be achieved. It is yet not clear if different patterns cause any different reaction in the anomalous effects of RPC-122.

RPC-122 represents a number of different reality-altering anomalous effects that seem to be random at times. Upon anomalous effect triggering, any object or surface below the dice receive the anomalous effects until an estimated range of 5 meters.

RPC-122 is completely safe for testing on live beings and represents no danger to humanity. In fact, its effects may not trigger at all in human beings. There have been three tests conducted on this matter to demonstrate such effects.

Following RPC-122-Incident-1, RPC-122 has been proven to be capable of lethal effects. There is no current method of predicting how fatal effects are triggered.

Recovery Log: RPC-122 was recovered from a closed factory by MST-██████ in Moscow.
Despite the factory being rendered inoperable since 18██, it was observed to be releasing yellow smoke from its chimneys after a blizzard had occurred in the area.

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