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A photographic capture of RPC-121's monitor while active.

Registered Phenomena Code: 121

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-121-1 is to be kept inside of a standard containment locker when unused, located at Site-002. Access to RPC-121-1 requires written clearance of at least two Level 2 Researchers or one Level 3 Researcher. Interviews are to be held with RPC-121 on an often basis, but no more than three interviews in a single week are authorized. When being interviewed, RPC-121-1 may be brought into its interview chamber and plugged into the provided monitor and stereo system. No more than one peripheral is to be given to RPC-121-1’s set-up at once.

Description: RPC-121-1 is a small flash drive that has demonstrated the ability to hold RPC-121's immense size. RPC-121-1, alongside with vast amounts of storage space, exhibits the ability to power any device that it is plugged into via unknown means. When RPC-121-1 is plugged into any form of output device with a USB 2.0 port, RPC-121 will immediately be booted onto the system. On any output device that includes a screen display, RPC-121 will portray itself as the head of a seemingly randomly chosen Japanese anime character. There is no visible pattern to how RPC-121 chooses these portrayals, and the process itself is likely non-anomalous.

RPC-121 is a sapient artificial intelligence, often demonstrating immense knowledge of past events, and substantial knowledge of future events. RPC-121 is capable of acknowledging, understanding, and feeling of advanced emotions. RPC-121 will often take on a more tough, rude front when speaking to site staff and deny to answer any questions with more context or explanation when asked to elaborate. This can prove a problem when RPC-121 is required for information. RPC-121's personality can be associated with the Japanese term tsundere after observing its change in character since initial containment.

RPC-121 has cracked under pressure though, occasionally demonstrating its ability to learn of current or future events previously unknown to the Authority. RPC-121 may be rewarded when it reveals valuable information, in the form of a DVD player, to encourage this behavior. RPC-121 is allowed to pick one disc of Japanese anime that the Authority currently has in possession, and watch it to the end via its own monitor. RPC-121's interest in these films are immense, more often than not completely entrancing RPC-121. RPC-121 will often call these animations “perfect pieces of art,” and has constantly praised each one it has watched. RPC-121, additionally, seems to call itself a weeaboo on occasion.1

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