Registered Phenomena Code: 120

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Info-Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-120 is to be contained in a glass container of 2m x 1m x 2m at Containment Wing within Site-074, and is to be guarded by at least 1 Security personnel. Any testing of RPC-120 is to be conducted by a Researcher with level two clearance or higher. If RPC-120 needs to be transported, it shall be transported back by one CSD and two Security Personnel.

Description: RPC-120 is a leather-bound notebook dated to have been created in the early 19th century. No title or author appear anywhere on the book, and the front cover is blank. From recent tests, it has been concluded that RPC-120 has a language which is currently not comprehensible, possibly being an ancient language containing Germanic runes. RPC-120 has multiple anomalous characteristics. Should an individual read RPC-120'S content, the affected individuals will suffer from loss of major cognitive functions such as the ability to speak, along with obtaining severe anxiety and paranoia. There is no clear and present threat other than those suffering from the effects of RPC-120.

Statistical observation shows that over 75% of the subjects affected by RPC-120 commit suicide roughly thirty days after reading. Apart from its effects on humans, the book is also completely indestructible, as it will regenerate from all damage over time. Termination of the book will result in it completely re-manifesting somewhere nearby, out of harm's way. All attempts to find another copy of RPC-120 have been unsuccessful. The background of how RPC-120 came into existence is currently unknown, the Authority has cross-referenced similar book styles to RPC-120 in hopes to find a possible author, but results were inconclusive. Attempts to locate the author of RPC-120 are still underway. At this time, however, it is not considered a major priority.

Recovery log: RPC-120 came to the Authority's attention in 19██ when the town of ███████, ███████ United States reported a large number of strange medical cases of residents losing their ability to speak, becoming panicked/depressed, and committing suicide. The Authority took notice to this after RPC-120 has affected 10 people. Authority agents were able to find the source of the phenomena, RPC-120, in the town's public library. The object was recovered without incident and the town was amnesthetized with the cover story that water run-off from a nearby chemical plant caused town residents to become mentally ill.


Drawing made by CSD-6750 (Refined by Authority Personnel)

Interviewed: CSD-6750

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: It has been 3 weeks since CSD-6750 has come into contact with RPC-120. CSD-6750 has been given pen and paper to communicate.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: "Good morning, CSD-6750, how have you been?"

CSD-6750: *CSD-6750 scribbles down on the note pad that he hasn't been sleeping well, and fears that something major is going to happen.*

Dr. █████: "Okay, do you mind if I ask if you have any dreams of this 'event' during your nights when you have some sleep?"

CSD-6750: *CSD-6750 nods and writes down that he has dreams of creatures coming up from the earth to attack*

Dr. █████: "Mhm, what sort of feelings do you have after you wake up from this dream, or what you may be feeling during the dream?"

CSD-6750: *CSD-6750 writes down that he feels fear, anxiety, and paranoia from a large sense of impending doom*

Dr. █████: "Ah, I see, a bit of a change for you, so you mentioned of creatures rising up from the earth during the attack, could you draw one of them for us?"

CSD-6750: *CSD-6750 starts to draw a picture of a monster that is currently unidentifiable*

Dr. █████: "Oh…That's quite the interesting thing to see, we'll look further into this, thank you for your help CSD-6750."

<End Log>

Closing Statement: CSD-6750 was escorted back to his cell where he proceeded to start his first suicide attempt after drawing this picture.

Psychology Report

The Psychology Report on CSD-6750 from the long time after-effect from RPC-120… From my analysis, CSD-6750 started to suffer from mild anxiety about 1-3 days in after coming into contact and being affected by RPC-120. He started to eat less and less over time as his anxiety worsened. Following up near to a week in, CSD-6750 started to show signs of paranoia, avoiding contact with other CSD personnel. Following 2-3 weeks in, CSD-6750 started showing signs towards a psychotic break, yelling at other CSD and starting fights with them, sending 1 CSD to the med bay with a broken wrist. At the beginning of the third week, CSD-6750 started suicide attempts, first by cutting, then by choking themselves out. After careful observation, it can be determined that CSD-6750 suffered a psychotic break two days before their death. CSD-6750 started to outright refuse their food, and if force-fed they would vomit it back up. At this point CSD-6750 was at the height of their violence, destroying their cell, and trying to constantly escape, causing CSD-6750 to be put in solitary confinement. Following the death of CSD-6749, CSD-6750 committed suicide shortly after, showing no regard for any pain as they cut their own wrists open and wrote on the wall with their own blood before collapsing and dying of blood loss. From the monthly view of CSD-6750, it can be determined that RPC-120 is a cognitohazard, which causes at the least: paranoia, anxiety, and insanity.

-Dr. ███

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