Registered Phenomena Code: 116

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-116 is to be kept in room 116 on the servers floor of Site-024. RPC-116 should only be connected to RPC-116-1 during the tests. The objects are to be disconnected immediately after the experiment's conclusion - if the objects are found to still be connected after the researchers have left room 116, the entire research team shall be a subject to disciplinary action. RPC-116-1 must never be connected to the internal site servers nor with the site's intraweb. It should only have access to its designated, private server. The paper dispenser of RPC-116 is to be refilled only with the Site Director's approval. Every instance of RPC-116-1 no longer used in the tests is to be neutralised.

I'd like to remind you that RPC-116 is not for personal use. It isn't here to write your essays and documents for you, nor is it here to fact-check your works. And it definitely isn't here so you can "find out what 'Prints' thinks of x or y." Anyone who uses RPC-116 for any purpose other than experimentation will be immediately amnestised and released.
~Dr. Matthew ████████, Director of Site-24, [13-06-2007]


RPC-116 during the experiment RPC-116-A-17

Description: RPC-116 is a photocopier designed by █████ Corporation in the year 200█. Its external and internal structure does not differ in any way from other models of its series. On the back of the machine, there is a label reading "Property of Athena University". RPC-116 manifests its anomalous properties only after being connected to a laptop or an all-in-one personal computer1 (from this point designated RPC-116-1).

When a form of text, be it a document file2, a book, e-reader, an A4 paper sheet or any other material with printed writing3 is copied by RPC-116, instead of copying the material the device will print a piece of work (designated RPC-116-A) regarding the subject of "copied" material. The printing of RPC-116-A takes the same amount of time that one would expect the regular printed material of equal volume to be copied in.

The instances of RPC-116-A may take various forms, though in most recorded cases it is some academic format: argumentative essay, response paper, thesis, dissertation etc. RPC-116-A follow all the guidelines of their chosen formats and citation styles, except for absence of author's signature in almost every case (see experiments through RPC-116-A-9 to RPC-116-A-13, and RPC-A-35 for exceptions). The supposed entity behind the works of RPC-116 (most likely the RPC-116 itself) doesn't have a consistent stance on topics - two texts on the same subject may include arguments of contradictory nature4 (see experiments RPC-116-A-8 and RPC-116-A-9, and through RPC-116-A-29 to RPC-116-A-32). The only way to ensure that the next RPC-116-A on the subject will have the same stance as the previous one is by engaging RPC-116 in a "debate" through addressing the issues mentioned in the RPC-116-A and directly mentioning its title in the "copied" work.

Addendum 116/02: on the 7th of September, 201█, RPC-███ breached its containment, causing a power failure in the entirety of Site-024. Although RPC-███ had been quite notorious in its breach of containment, the magnitude of this particular event has never been seen before. Immediately after the power was brought back into the facility, RPC-116 started printing material on its own, until its paper dispenser was depleted. The material printed in this time includes one (1) dissertation on nuclear physics, four (4) lengthy essays, two (2) pages of poetry and seven (7) RPC documents on already existing objects. The descriptions of the objects are very precise, but in case of three (3) documents, the containment procedures are heavily differed and not suitable for containment of the described entities.

The power shortage, or perhaps the influence of RPC-███, has altered the functions of RPC-116 drastically. We are unsure of its current nature but it seems to be printing new instances of RPC-116-A as long as it is provided material on which it can print. The containment procedures are to be expanded according to the attached instructions. The object's description should remain unchanged until more testing is conducted.
~Dr. Irene ███████, Director of Site-024, [08-09-201█]

Addendum 116/03: The tests following Dr. Irene's announcement revealed that RPC-116 is still capable of producing input-based material. The material created autonomously has been designated RPC-116-B, to differentiate it from the object's works based on the input.

Addendum 116/04: On the 3rd of ███████, 201█, RPC-███ breached its containment again. This time, the object was successfully contained before causing any major damage. To avoid any effects similar to those from 201█-09-07, power had been preventively shut down not only in the block containing RPC-███ but also in [REDACTED] and on the servers floor, for the period of two hours. The laptop functioning as RPC-116-1 at that time was found to have been working for the entire period of the shut-down.

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