Cornelius the Strong


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Anomaly Processing Document


Codename: 110-J / "Cornelius the Strong"

Item Type: Entity

Estimated Containment Class: Gamma

Lethality: Orange

No. Contained: 1


RPC-110-J is a West African male of height 220 cm (7.2 ft) and weight 165 kg (363.8 lb) with an immense physical strength estimated at 3750 horsepower (the equivalent of 2.8 megawatts or two semi-trucks). The entity has an extremely narcissistic personality, constantly attempting to prove its "manliness" by exerting its brawn.

"I cannot do my job with this guy laughing his ass off whenever we try to construct containment measures around him. It is demoralizing. Someone should give him a mirror so he can froth over his own reflection instead of bothering us to no end."

- K. Sullivan, Engineer

"He's a menace to the site. I can't walk by his containment chamber without him flexing his arms at me and pinching his hand in a way that's clearly insulting to the size of my muscles. My muscles are huge! I work out every day and my muscles are bigger than anyone else in the facility. But apparently that's too small for 110-J. Fuck this guy."

- M. Nelson, Maintenance

"Is Cornelius his actual name? It's the only name he calls himself but it sounds made up. And he only ever refers to himself with the full title of 'Cornelius the Strong'."

- J. Willis, Technician


RPC-110-J finds immense pleasure in destroying containment systems, making sure to mock personnel for being "weak" or "bare-boned" before snarkily waiting in its containment location for another containment attempt to be constructed. RPC-110-J displays no active intent to harm personnel, but it is unclear if RPC-110-J actively avoids causing harm to others. In any case, the entity should be treated as a potential threat and personnel are to avoid entering within five meters of it.

Test Log: 01

Date: Sep 2, 2020

Equipment: 30 tons of tungsten alloy plating and reinforced concrete

Procedure: To construct a containment chamber with thick enough walls of great enough strength such that RPC-110-J cannot break through

Results: RPC-110-J was able to smash through the chamber walls with ease.

Notes: I think it's apparent that no physical material is capable of containing RPC-110-J.

Test Log: 02

Date: Oct 12, 2020

Equipment: A large bore drill

Procedure: To construct a hole deep enough that RPC-110-J cannot escape

Results: RPC-110-J punched successive holes into the wall which it used to climb out.

Notes: We are going to need to think outside the box for this.

Test Log: 03

Date: Oct 25, 2020

Equipment: Several elephant tranquilizer darts

Procedure: To pacify RPC-110-J through injected chemical means

Results: RPC-110-J's skin was successfully pierced but the entity appeared unaffected by the tranquilizers. RPC-110-J claimed that its body is "too strong" to be influenced by drugs.

Notes: The fact we were able to pierce its skin is definitely progress.

Test Log: 04

Date: Nov 4, 2020

Equipment: A professional hypnotist from Research's Department of Occult Concerns

Procedure: To pacify RPC-110-J through hypnotic influence

Results: RPC-110-J was unaffected by all of the hypnotist's methods. RPC-110-J claimed that its "will" is too strong to be altered.

Notes: I think we need to try something beyond traditional means.

Test Log: 05

Date: Nov 18, 2020

Equipment: A member of Research's Anti-Memetics Department

Procedure: To pacify RPC-110-J through anomalous and memetic effects

Results: RPC-110-J was again unaffected, demonstrating a resistance to memetics far greater than thought possible.

Notes: The researcher was completely blown away, and absolutely terrified.

Event-Log: 01

Location: Prolab Site-124

Date: Nov 18, 2020

Involved Personnel: Containment Researcher Mayflower

Description: At the conclusion of the previous test, RPC-110-J overheard a Prolab personnel joke that one day they'd be able to classify RPC-110-J as an Alpha-class. The Anti-Memetics researcher replied that RPC-110-J would never be an Alpha, and that they'd be lucky to even bring him to Beta status. RPC-110-J became enraged and began running through the facility, actively tearing down support beams and smashing through walls while shouting "IS THIS WHAT A BETA MALE LOOKS LIKE TO YOU?"

RPC-110-J only stopped when the Anti-Memetics researcher managed to tell the entity that it could become classified as an Alpha, at which point RPC-110-J began to calm down. Most of the site was destroyed and operations were moved to the nearby Site-150. There were no casualties, but a lot of people are in Medical.

Notes: Following this event, RPC-110-J is now trying its absolute best to become an Alpha-class. The entity has made no attempts to destroy containment measures and has improved its treatment toward personnel. I'm not sure if we can even continue testing containment measures on the entity if it isn't going to fight back. We'll never know if the measures actually work.

Note From Containment Director Durham:

It would be completely against standard protocol for such an entity as RPC-110-J to be designated as an Alpha, but I am seriously considering it. If reclassifying alone will make containment easier, that's a pragmatic outcome I must consider. This asshat definitely won't keep playing good-boy if he thinks we wouldn't do it, and frankly I'm sick of the unending containment attempts, and we don't have the budget for another facility being destroyed.


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