Picture depicting RPC-108 as shown by exploration log #1546-2.


Registered Phenomena Code: 108

Object Class: Alpha-Red

Hazard Types: h-sensory.png Sensory Hazard h-sentient.png Sentient Hazard h-ideological.png Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: The entrance leading to RPC-108 is to be monitored at all times. Any unauthorized personnel entering the vicinity of RPC-108 are to be captured and administered Class A-1 amnestics1 in order to remove any memory of RPC-108 and its location.
After exploration #1546-3, which resulted in ██ deaths, further research and exploration on RPC-108 have been prohibited.

Description: RPC-108 is a sewer located in ████, France which can only be accessed by a singular entry point located in █████. RPC-108 appears as a structure two meters tall with brick walls. On the floor of RPC-108 is a thick black liquid of unknown origin. This liquid is present throughout the entire known length of the sewers and is seemingly unable to leak out of RPC-108's immediate area. The tunnel of RPC-108 appears to be structurally unstable, though it shows no signs of imminent collapse. It is unknown how far the tunnel of RPC-108 extends and, as of yet, no discernible end to the tunnel of RPC-108 has been detected.

Attempts to access RPC-108 by any means other than its main entrance will result in failure. So far, no way of breaking RPC-108 has been found. Any attempts to permanently modify RPC-108, such as installing metal bars on the entrance, were unsuccessful, as within 24 hours it would anomalously revert back to its original state.

During all explorations of RPC-108, subjects will, at some point, encounter RPC-108-1, which appears as two glowing eyes just out of reach of the subject's touch, blending in with the darkness. The nature of RPC-108-1 remains unknown, as there have been no direct encounters with it and the anomaly does not exhibit any aggression or hostile intent, with the exception of stalking the subject, causing a great amount of fear of the subject. It is unknown whether or not the psychological effects are caused by anomalous effects or simply a natural reaction.

Addendum: RPC-108 travels in a completely linear path with no turns or course deviations present. Subjects claim to hear a constant dripping sound of unknown origin which moves as shown in Exploration Log #1546-1.

The interior of RPC-108 cannot be illuminated from the outside and lighting sources no brighter than 124 watts have shown to have no effect in RPC-108. It is possible both RPC-108 and RPC-108-1 absorb excess lighting.

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