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Picture of RPC-106 taken with an underwater drone upon first discovery


Registered Phenomena Code: 106

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Aquatic Hazard, Grouped Hazard

Containment Protocols: The migration of RPC-106 is to be constantly tracked via satellite imagery. If RPC-106 is seen to be approaching shorelines or public areas, immediate action must be taken via lock down of the area.

A single underwater drone is to monitor RPC-106 for any unusual behaviour. Sudden shifts in movements or erratic actions done by any of the instances of RPC-106 are to be documented.

Description: RPC-106 is a large group of stone statues, currently situated in the Indian Ocean. All the statues are approximately the same size as an average human, carved out of limestone. Despite showing physical signs of ageing and weathering, instances of RPC-106 do not degrade at all, and have been shown to be practically indestructible. There are currently 1,251 instances of RPC-106.

Instances of RPC-106 show sentience, being capable of movement despite having no physical muscle or flesh. RPC-106 shows to have a schedule, and rotates from three different states at random:

  • Moving forward in one direction. All the instances of RPC-106 will simultaneously migrate to a different area of the ocean. This seems to be limited to deep ocean, but RPC-106 has been seen moving towards shallow beaches on occasion.
  • All the instances of RPC-106 will start acting out different actions. This can vary from praying, socializing (although incapable of speech), and so on.
  • RPC-106 will stop moving in its entirety. All of the statues will enter a 'resting' period, which generally lasts longer than the other states, lasting up to 45-59 hours.

When any humanoid enters a one kilometer radius of an instance of RPC-106, they will spontaneously disappear. This disappearance is a complete removal of the subject's body from existence, with non-biological objects attached to said human (such as clothes) disappearing as well. The exact extent of what is taken with, is currently unknown.

Up to 24 hours after said subject's disappearance, a new statue will appear in RPC-106, with the exact same properties as the rest. The carving of the statue will resemble the person who had disappeared previously, although the sentience of the statue is not similar at all, and seems to act out at random like the other instances of RPC-106.

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