RPC-105-1 during its routine monthly maintenance.

Registered Phenomena Code: 105

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Auditory Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-105 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber in Sector C of Site-002 and fed 3 times a day. RPC-105 is to be given items upon request that do not violate the RPC Authority basic containment protocols. RPC-105 is allowed to roam Sector C (with the exception of Sector C's armory) with at least 2 supervising personnel with security clearance of Level 2 or higher and must return to its cell before 22:00 local time.

RPC-105 is allowed 3 hours of internet and/or telephone privileges in one day. RPC-105 may be given a one week supervised vacation to the nearby town of Las Vegas once per year as a reward for continuous good behavior.

RPC-105-1 is to be kept securely at all times in a cushioned briefcase with climate control capabilities in Sector F of Site-002. RPC-105-1 is to be maintained every month for any sign of oxidation and/or damages. RPC-105 is allowed to come into contact with RPC-105-1 during Level 3 approved testing.

During testing, at least two personnel each with sufficient mastery to play either bass and/or guitar instruments must accompany RPC-105 and RPC-105-1 throughout the session. All testing personnel must wear industrial-grade noise-canceling earphones throughout the entire session.

All instances of RPC-105-2 must be apprehended to undergo an amnestic administration or termination immediately. Subjects that are exposed to RPC-105-1's memetic effect for less than 2 hours (not RPC-105-2) must be detained for at least 2 days to avoid further exposure.

Description: RPC-105 is a male human of American descent measuring 178cm tall, 67kg, and a medium build. According to official records, RPC-105 goes by the name of ████ ████████, ██ years of age and formerly worked as a US Army Private stationed in ████ ████, ██. Further records of RPC-105 indicate that the entity was born in Chicago, Illinois; went to the ███████ High School; and married to █████ █████.

RPC-105-1 is a standard issue US Army soprano bugle produced by ████ co. with significant wear on the exterior and was a personal effect to RPC-105. RPC-105-1's memetic effect only manifests when RPC-105 is holding and operating RPC-105-1. RPC-105 is only able to perform proper tunes when it is accompanied by 2 subjects playing bass and guitar providing rhythm.

RPC-105-1 induces a state of euphoria into subjects that are listening to RPC-105-1's tunes in a rhythmic manner; flat notes have been shown not to be as effective. Analysis of exposed subjects under the effects of RPC-105 indicated that they had dopamine levels comparable to a sexual climax. After 2 hours of collective or continuous exposure, subjects exposed to RPC-105-1 (henceforth designated as RPC-105-2) will enter a state of capitulation and either beg for RPC-105 to keep playing or [REDACTED].

After being removed from RPC-105's presence, all instances of RPC-105-2 will show an extreme form of withdrawal symptom and obsession, resulting in violent attempts to gain access to RPC-105. Class-A amnestics were efficacious in 67% of these cases; the remainder required termination. Subjects that are exposed to RPC-105-1's memetic effect less than 2 hours can be treated completely by removing the subject for 2 days or undergo a Class-A amnestic administration.

X-ray scanning of RPC-105-1 showed no extra-normal properties, along with the cross-sectional study.

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