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Registered Phenomena Code: 100

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Aggression Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-100 is to be contained in an artificial temperate rainforest habitat with 60% of the habitat's surface submerged in water. Every 3 days, an adult pig is to be released into RPC-100's containment chamber. Biweekly maintenance is to be held to ensure no holes or openings greater than 6 centimeters in diameter lead out of RPC-100's chamber.

Description: RPC-100 is a large organism resembling a cephalopod, more specifically an octopus. RPC-100's natural skin color is a dark brown, ideal for camouflaging in its natural muddy habitat, however like most cephalopods it can change this color at will. Unlike an octopus or any other cephalopod, RPC-100 possesses lungs rather than gills, allowing it to breathe on land. Also unlike other cephalopods, RPC-100 only possesses 4 arms. Each arm is approximately 15 meters in length, with an average of about 100 arm-like tendrils splitting from the base arm. Each of these tendrils can be individually controlled by RPC-100 as if they were a smaller arm.

While RPC-100 does not require sustenance, if not given the opportunity to hunt it will become highly irritable, tending to attack the walls of its containment chamber when in such a state. RPC-100 is capable of causing immense damage with its arms, far more than what should be possible given the arm's composition. These two factors make providing RPC-100 with something to hunt imperative to its continued containment.

RPC-100 has shown considerable intelligence and problem-solving skills, even in comparison to other cephalopods and primates. It is capable of solving most puzzles given to it and is able to escape any containment chamber with openings larger than its relatively small beak, which is 6 centimeters in width. It has shown in testing that it is capable of making this escape regardless of the number of traps or puzzles that are placed in its way, nor the complexity of said obstacles. This intelligence also gives it far greater control over its camouflage, allowing it to become practically invisible.

Addendum 100-A: On ██-██-20██, a maintenance crew entered RPC-100's containment chamber to repair a 7-centimeter hole. While the hole was repaired, the crew did not exit the containment chamber and no bodies were recovered. Due to this, any personnel entering RPC-100's containment chamber are to exercise extreme caution.

Director's Notice:

I'd like to advise staff not to attempt communication with RPC-100. It may be intelligent, but it won't be intelligent enough to understand you. Due to the potential damage doing this may cause, attempting communication with RPC-100 is grounds for termination.

Director ██████

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