Random Occurrences and Case MARZANNA


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Registered Phenomena Code: 099

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-invisibility.png Invisibility h-destabilization.png Destabilization h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional h-gravitational.png Gravitational h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic

Containment Protocols:

RPC-099-A's area of effect has, as of 2/21/2021, been measured to extend throughout the entire Lunar mantle and across the Lunar surface to a height of approximately 500 metres. The prospects of further expansion of the anomaly following Incident RPC-099-14 have been deemed unlikely, as RPC-099-1 appears to be unable to penetrate further into the lunar exosphere.


Fig.1: Anoptic filtered image of the lunar Southern Hemisphere, with the Haworth Crater region highlighted. Observable Celantur1 concentrations are believed to denote areas heavily contaminated by RPC-099-1.

Members of Site-019 and Site-099's staff are to be screened bi-weekly for traces of RPC-099's memetic influences. Additionally, Site-099 staff are not permitted within 100 metres of the remains of the now-defunct Site-099-ARC mining facility without proper clearance and PPE.2 All direct observation and exploration operations of the former site must be done as remotely as possible. All personnel assigned to these areas must be issued up to two 1000 mcg/ml L-prosectide vials for intramuscular injection in the event they come into contact with an instance of RPC-099-1.

RPC-099-A is currently contained within the lunar cave systems beneath Site-099-ARC. Although accurate mapping of these tunnels has been deemed impossible due to the spatial nature of the anomaly, RPC-099-A is believed to extend to a depth of approximately 229 kilometres into the Lunar mantle. Access to the cave systems must be restricted whenever possible, and on-site ASF personnel have been authorized the use of force to achieve this. All permanent and transitional personnel stationed on a landed AEDF vessel or the lunar surface proper must be briefed on the dangers associated and probable likelihood of anomalous incursion these sub-lunar constructs pose.

The dimensional rift RPC-099-A represents poses a significant danger to the entire AEDF and the Authority's interplanetary operations. Further destabilization and possible collapse have been deemed a Black-level high-priority risk. Following the destruction of the AEDFS Kaiser Wilhelm, Uniform-01, the Prometheus Primogenitus, and members of ProLab have been tasked with the closure or destruction of the rift by whatever means possible.


RPC-099 is the collective designation for a currently immeasurable reality coherency vacuum within the upper lunar mantle and its subsequent heterogeneous effects. RPC-099-A represents the AC singularity and its area of memetic influence; RPC-099-1 represents a Celantur "low-level" interdimensional ecosystem theorized to originate from the singularity.

RPC-099-A's immediate proximity is characterized by a series of rapid radical fluctuations in local reality coherency– currently anywhere from 0.5 to 4.7 on the Anderson Coherency Scale. Consequently, all current personal reality coherency stabilization apparatuses have proven useless within the lower sections of the anomaly's tunnel system. Based on extrapolated data from microscale reality vacuum collapse events triggered by RPC-███ and several repurposed explosive yield formulas initially proposed by Enrico Fermi,5 the near-instant destabilization and collapse of RPC-099-A would result in an explosive energy release equivalent to ██ megatons of TNT or ███ PJ.

It has been hypothesized, based on the unique traits exhibited by RPC-099-A and RPC-099-1 respectively, that both aspects of the anomaly act in tandem to trigger the onset of the Moon Madness phenomenon. Two operating hypotheses for this dual functionality are currently being studied by the Authority;

  1. RPC-099-1 has begun to contaminate the entirety of the lunar atmosphere at a molecular level.6
  2. RPC-099-1 is a by-product of an active sub-dimensional entropic invasion.

The Global Directorate has allocated additional funding to the AEDF to explore and address these hypotheses.

Discovery and Exploration:


Fig.2: Fungus-like growth found on regolithic wall surface during the second expedition into the RPC-099 tunnel system, as viewed through an anoptic filtered camera

Immediately following Incident RPC-099-13 and the disappearance of Junior Systems Engineer Dirwang Chatraparthi into the newly-opened tunnels beneath Site-099-ARC, an investigation was launched by Site Director and Lead Astronomer Robert Khan, under the direct oversight of GD-SCHOL. Site-019 head structural engineers Mark Lentz and Emily Gonzalez expressed concerns about the dangers posed by the increasing number of localized moonquakes occurring within the Haworth Crater area. Upgrades and expedited maintenance on the Site-099 seismograph network installed along the slopes of Malapert Massif were therefore requested, due to fears of a potential tunnel collapse.

Dr. Aldous Merodak was removed from extended probation on Site-019 and transferred back to Site-099-ARC due to his expertise and extensive knowledge of the previous RPC-099 area, gained during joint experimentation performed on-site with Dr. Maria Sylvius from 2013-2019.

A total of two expeditions were undertaken into the 099 tunnels. Captain Nigel Rowley, a renowned Equinas Aureale7 veteran, was chosen to lead the operation with Dr. Merodak and Dr. Farange serving as consultants. Following Rowley's death, Dr. Merodak assumed command of the operation - instigating the course of events that directly resulted in the creation of RPC-099-A.

Following Dr. Merodak's orders, the Kaiser Wilhelm remained in low polar orbit over Site-099 to respond in case of emergency. Dr. Merodak recommended to LLC that Site-099 be quarantined until further tunnel expeditions could be completed.

On the 12th day of Expedition II, the remaining members of the team voted to abandon Merodak, who had ignored several mission cancellation orders and begun to demonstrate increasingly unstable behavior. The events that followed are unclear as all communication between the team was lost after the 10th day; only seismology technician Marguerite Schmidt survived long enough to reach the surface. The sequence of events that lead to the deaths of the other members of the expedition team have remained inconclusive.

Though in a state of physical exhaustion, Ms. Schmidt was found to be otherwise physically unharmed, though she demonstrates symptoms consistent with severe post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychotic behaviour characterized by uncontrollable panic attacks and glossolalia.14

The following excerpts from Ms. Schmidt's debriefing and psychological diagnosis interviews constitute the vast majority of the intelligible speech she has produced since her return.

  • "Nina wasn't worms, wasn't worms, wasn't worms, but he said she was and she wasn't […] he opened her up and she was still screaming. She never stopped. Why didn't she stop?"
  • "Nothing behind his eyes but God. Never doubt that. He said that dreams and us were the same. All of it coming together, growing into one. Never doubt the Worm."
  • "Merodak, Merodak, Merodak; it's not a real name, it's like a ghost. He's the missing piece."
  • "50 names. 50 names for God. Merro, Murr'ak. Duology. Two halves, two halves come one, an egg to break. A pregnant grey star."
  • "He has to rip it free, this place is a Cesarean hole shaped like a God. He is not of, the psychosphere, he is it. Twiceborn. Becoming. Birth"
  • "Did he say we found him? The minister. Don't doubt it. The arbiter. We found Dirwang in the walls. Merodak said he belonged. There. Piece of the puzzle, of the puzzle, Dirwang was a piece of the puzzle and they put him in wrong and broke him up. He's a cracked egg, see? All broken up."

On 2/13/2021 at 00:13 UTC +0, a massive expulsion of approx. 136 PJ of energy destroyed the entirety of Site-099-ARC and devastated the Lunar Southern hemisphere. A simultaneous drop in local reality coherency accompanied the blast and persisted throughout the fallout radius for several weeks thereafter. Reports from surviving personnel describe collective shared visions of bright multicoloured lights, accompanied by a "butterfly-like shape" visible in the dust clouds left by the explosion. These shapes and lights were seen at several different times in the week following the explosion.20 The AEDFS Kaiser Wilhelm, which had been tasked with supporting the ongoing expedition operations, was instantly destroyed by high-velocity impact with lunar debris. Several other lunar Sites, including Site-019, were slightly damaged by the resultant seismic shockwave; the depth at which the explosion occurred appears to have somewhat mitigated its impact.

The resultant event is being addressed with standard AEDF protocols for Case MARZANNA disasters.21 Lunar Logistics Command has undertaken the construction of a new Site-099 on the slope of Malapert Massif to better monitor the blast site. All Authority-allied AOIs capable of space travel have been briefed on Incident RPC-099-14 and the MARZANNA protocols, and have been provided falsified data to assist in the maintenance of the the asteroid impact cover story.

GD-SCHL's response on The Marzanna Disaster

Following the destruction of Site-099 and AEDFS Kaiser Wilhelm, my fellow GDs have opted to open a formal investigation into the recent MARZANNA disaster. Already, the people at ACI have uncovered several… admittedly troubling details about Site-136 and its AEDF-affiliate personnel. Notably, names within several Authority documents such as this one have been changed posthumously to an unknown effect, and others consistent with the Fifty Epithets of Marduk are present in documents recovered by the Auctoritas that date back as early as the thirteenth century BCE. It appears that whatever this was - it was planned, possibly since the very dawn of our organization. I have no way of knowing the truth of this, however.

Do not blame yourselves. No one - I repeat, no one is to blame for any of these events save Merodak himself. The brave men and women of our Lunar forces have been manipulated by an outsider conspiracy that predates our capacity to detect. Hold fast and strong; together I know we can recover from this trauma. May God be with you all.


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