The Extremely Probable (Yet Still Equally Improbable) Probability Device





Registered Phenomena Code: 099

Object Class: Alpha-Red

Hazard Types: Tychokinetic Hazard, Aggression Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-099 is currently contained by the prolonged existence of the Authority lunar base Site-099. In the event Site-099 is destroyed, it is to be rebuilt to contain RPC-099, and other lunar-based anomalies.

Description: RPC-099 is the designation for a previously uncatalogued, probability-warping effect surrounding the lunar base Site-099. The origin of this anomaly can be traced back to approximately 1958, when Site-099 was first established. Since its establishment, Site-099 has been subject to numerous destruction events caused by RPC-099's effects.

RPC-099 is able to manipulate probability, and seemingly nothing else. It has only been observed to do this involving catastrophic events happening to Site-099, for unknown reasons. Solutions have been proposed as to moving Site-099 to a different location, or simply not rebuilding it at all. When this is attempted, RPC-099 will begin to expand its properties until Site-099 is re-established. It is hypothesized that if Site-099 were to be fully destroyed without a rebuilding effort, that RPC-099 would encompass the entire moon, and a catastrophic event would occur. However, this is only hypothetical, and thus black classification has been denied.

Discovery: Due to the nature of RPC-099, and its origin, it has been theorized that RPC-099 was created, perhaps on accident, by RPC-866 in an attempt of retaliation against the Authority for containing it momentarily at Site-099, when Site-099 was first constructed. The momentary containment of RPC-866 was conducted via the use of an extremely unstable non-anomalous improbability manipulating device, not dissimilar to RPC-099. As such, it is theorized that when RPC-866 was contained via the device, RPC-866 converted the device into RPC-099 and used it to retaliate.

The discovery and origins of RPC-099 are essential to the understanding of the phenomenon, and as such, they are to be included in this document until RPC-099 is fully understood.

Investigation into the origins of RPC-099 after the discovery of its anomalous nature has been extensive, including investigations into numerous groups of interest that could be related to this phenomenon. The only groups that showed knowledge of RPC-099 were the Nivaldi, who have a previous unexplained relationship with RPC-866, and the UNAAC, who happen to have discovered this phenomenon at the same time as the Authority. Due to the UNAAC having a diplomatic position on Site-099 for political reasons, research into RPC-099 has been labeled an international effort by the UNAAC. This is not to be treated as an information breach, due to the UNAAC being negatively affected by RPC-099 alongside the Authority. As such, they have seemingly ceased most efforts into furthering their research involving the moon, due to RPC-099.

The following is a comprehensive list of incidents caused by RPC-099. Please adhere to this format when adding to the list.

Incident: RPC-099-XX
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