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Registered Phenomena Code: 098

Object Class: Alpha-White Beta-White

Hazard Types: N/A

Containment Protocols: While not being reviewed and cataloged, RPC-098 is to be contained inside a metal lock box and cataloged in a standard inanimate object RPC dry storage holding block. Any person requesting to view RPC-098's recordings must file a request two weeks in advance. It is also required that a camera records RPC-098's recordings while they are being viewed. As of █/██/2018, the recordings of RPC-098 are not to be viewed by any person until further notice.

Description: RPC-098 is a collection of unmarked, Sony brand VHS tapes. RPC-098's tapes are recordings of violent crimes or of people that are somehow related to said crimes. Investigation into the identity of the entity who has made these recordings has thus far proven futile. It is unknown how this entity has made these recordings, as some tapes are recorded from an angle where people would have noticed a camera man, or the camera man himself would have put himself in danger by making the recordings. Judging by the oldest reviewed recording's timestamp and the newest recording's timestamp, it can be assumed that the entity is either old, or there are multiple entities making these recordings. Testing the VHS tapes themselves has proved no unnatural properties of the tapes themselves. There are 50 tapes in total and it is yet unknown if RPC-098 is a 'complete' collection or if there are more tapes outside of the Authority's custody.

RPC-098 first came into the Authority's attention on 2/13/████ when RPC staff were notified by ███████ state police. The police came into possession of RPC-098 after it was anonymously dropped off at █████████ town police station. The police began reviewing RPC-098's videos and initially believed they were snuff films until they noticed the unnatural aspects of the recordings, at which point the Authority was contacted and took custody of RPC-098.

Of the 50 VHS tapes, 26 have been reviewed and cataloged by Doctor Moore. The tapes are unmarked and didn't appear to have been placed in any sort of order by the previous owner or the person who made them. The number identifiers were given by Doctor Moore as a way to catalog them.

Addendum: On 5/25/2018 Doctor Moore reviewed tape #26; a recording of Doctor Moore himself reviewing tape #25, filmed from behind him. Doctor Moore was unaware that he was being filmed and insisted that he was the only person in the room at the time. This is confirmed by video surveillance showing that no one entered or exited the room while Doctor Moore was present. Security had checked the room but found nothing unusual.

In the following week, Doctor Moore became increasingly more paranoid, claiming that he was being stalked by a shadowy person. On 6/2/2018, Doctor Moore failed to report to his station and after investigation was reported as missing.

On █/██/2018 Doctor ████ was assigned to continue reviewing and cataloging RPC-098. Doctor ████ reviewed one tape: #27. Doctor ████ informed the staff immediately of #27. Containment and reviewing protocols for RPC-098 are currently under reevaluation.


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