Registered Phenomena Code: 096

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Extra-Dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: While there are no explicit containment protocols, use of RPC-096 and derivatives are expected to abide by the following regulations:

  • Under no circumstances is an RPC-096 device to be used in an area of questionable dimensional stability.
  • All operators of RPC-096 devices will be expected to operate devices in an extremely cautious and precise manner.
  • All personnel operating within the vicinity of an active RPC-096 device are required to wear appropriate protective apparel.
  • Under no circumstances should multiple RPC-096 devices be activated within the vicinity of each other.

Any questions/complaints/concerns may be directed to Dr. Amber Treddough, head of UCA1 Research.

Description: RPC-096 is a Utility Composite Anomaly developed by Dr. Amber Treddough and Dr. Hemming Rutherburg. RPC-096 acts as a method of locomotion for use in machinery.

RPC-096 functions by utilizing a series of reality destabilizers to create a section of "pliable" reality. RPC-096 will then use specialized machinery to forcefully pull itself along the section of reality.

This method was determined to result in a velocity from 10-55 km/h. RPC-096 has also shown useful application for generating electricity via dynamo turbines.

RPC-096 was further developed in a compact engine for small vehicles. Following successful trials, approval was granted for use in unmanned vehicles

Additional effects of RPC-096 were also discovered, most notably the residual effects of the process. It has been observed that RPC-096 can occasionally cause additional dimensional anomalies in its wake.

Following extensive addition developmental research, a proposal to utilize RPC-096 for a variety of utilities was approved. Integration of RPC-096 generators, motors, and capacitors will begin within the next 5 years, and is expected to improve resource efficiency, as a whole.

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