Registered Phenomena Code: 094

Containment Rating: Gamma

Lethality Rating: Orange
h-sentient.png Sentient h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Containment Protocols: RPC-094 is to be kept in a humanoid cell at Site-088, comprised of stainless steel walls at least one (1) meter thick. The cell is to be monitored by infrared and optical cameras at all times, and any change in behavior by RPC-094 is to be reported to current Lead Researcher ████. RPC-094 does not require sustenance, so there is no need for RPC-094 to be given food and water, and interaction outside of testing is to be kept to an absolute minimum. In the event of a containment breach, Rapid Response Team "Caesar's Legion" are to be dispatched to re-secure RPC-094.

Description: RPC-094 is a statue seemingly made out of marble, although the composition appears to be fluid1, somewhat organic in nature, and is unknown to the Authority at this time due to RPC-094's violent nature. Despite resistance to damage, RPC-094 can appear to "bruise," resulting in the injured area to appear more aged than surrounding "skin." Currently, RPC-094 takes the form of a standard Italian Infantryman, albeit with the face being perfectly smooth and no properties whatsoever (lack of eyes, nose, mouth, etc.), and a roman pilus attached to its backside. RPC-094 has been observed to “look” in seemingly random directions at times. RPC-094 is known to become exceedingly hostile to non-italian Europeans, especially those of Germanic or British descent, to the point of attacking without provocation. The reaction has also been observed to occur with those of Iranian or middle-eastern descent, as shown by the deaths of Dr. ██████ and Lieutenant ██████ during a containment breach 094-13-6-19██. The pilus used as a weapon, despite the marble-like appearance, appears to have no need for sharpening, and has been observed to pierce ██ cm of steel. RPC-094 does not speak, or communicate with personnel in any way. RPC-094 is extremely active, walking across the southern wall of it's containment cell and prodding at the walls with it's pilus.

Incident Log:

Incident 037-088-██:

At approximately 10:37 AM local time, Site-088 experienced mass and widespread containment breaches, resulting in RPC-094's escape. RPC-094 was shown to be very capable in combat, resulting in heavy loses to RRT "Caesar's Legion". RPC-094 eventually broke out of Site-088, and moved south at high speeds, running at a maximum recorded speed of ███ KPH. RPC-094 caused extensive damage to German infrastructure, which was passed off as a terrorist attack by Authority Misinformation Efforts. RPC-094 showed extensive resistance to damage, resisting attacks until it reached the Czech border until noticeable injury was expressed. Due to renewed efforts by the RRT, RPC-094 was captured 10 kilometers southeast of Regensburg, and recontained successfully.

Note: After Incident 037-088-██, we've elected to construct an OL-Site for RPC-094 where it was recovered, to reduce the chance of further damage to the Authority and civilian populations. Covering that up was our largest misinformation campaign in Central Europe, and with over ███ casualties, it has been deemed well worth the risk.

-Site Director ██████

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