Footage From Aerial Drone Inserted Into RPC-093-1.


Registered Phenomena Code: 093

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-093 is to have a muzzle plug inserted into the barrel and stored within a locked handgun rack within the arms room of Site-033. Access is to be restricted to Level 03 research, and any usage is to be logged on form 38-7 for accountability purposes.

Description: RPC-093 is a 7.62mm Tokarev Semi-Automatic Pistol, produced in the year 1943 for usage in the Soviet Armed Forces, and modified at some point after that by Soviet Research Divisions, ostensibly for covert operations requiring discrete methods of infiltration and exfiltration.1

RPC-093’s anomalous effects were first discovered in ██████, the Republic of Vietnam on ██, ████, 1965 following a U.S. Army Military Police raid of a local brothel owned by the “█████ ████ Society” in order to apprehend soldiers that had gone AWOL. During the course of the raid, RPC-093 was fired by a Vietcong insurgent, resulting in a displacement of local reality grouping creating an opening to a separate pocket reality, hereafter referred to as RPC-093-1. SSG ██████ ████████ was subsequently killed when half of his body was [DATA EXPUNGED] upon opening of RPC-093-1. Parallel structure exists due to yet unknown properties inherent within RPC-093 is able to be safely entered via insertion through the opening. (See Defense Intelligence Agency Radio Transmissions 093-1-1)

RPC-093-1 is an instance defined by a wide and open plane, with fauna matching biome found in the Kazakh Steppes. The longer RPC-093-1 is in existence, the more reality within RPC-093-1 begins to breakdown with interactions within the physical reality of RPC-093-1 becoming increasingly volatile eventually culminating in the full breakdown of RPC-093-1. Instances of RPC-093-2 are human entities within RPC-093-1, thought to be previous persons who have entered into RPC-093-1, and experienced a molecular deconstruction event upon the physical breakdown of RPC-093-1. To date, no form of communication has been established with RPC-093-2. (See Experiment Logs)

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