One Hot Reactor





Item #: RPC-092-J

Object Class: Gamma Steamy

Containment Protocols:

RPC-092-J is a classy lady, nobody should say otherwise. We all know she has a bit of a hot temper but please refrain from calling her names, we don't want to provoke her. ~ Site ██ Director.

RPC-092-J is to be kept operational at Site ██ and provided with an all male team of engineers (unless otherwise requested), with an attractiveness rating of more than 92 on The Authority's facial symmetry scale and currently without a sexual partner. Engineers are to be rotated out on a twice monthly rotation and will receive amnesties or therapy as required. Engineers are not permitted to approach RPC-092-J without prior authorization from the Site ██ Director.

RPC-092-J is to be kept on a closed network to prevent information breaches. RPC-092-J's messages to the engineering team are to be pre-screened for potential memetic hazards before being passed on to them. Members of the engineering team are encouraged to reply to such messages in a flirtatious, but non-committal way, though, non-response is also permitted if site psychologists recommend it.

RPC-092-J is to be monitoredstimulated as required within margins of safety, this includes insertion and retraction of control rods, movement of fuel rods, flushing of coolant, and ██████ with a ████ in the main ██████████. In case of RPC-092-J entering a meltdown state through overstimulation the engineering team are to reduce operations and send messages to RPC-092-J as described in the Sweet Nothings Protocol.


RPC-092-J in an operational state.

Description: RPC-092-J is a really hot lady, look at the curves on her output graphs! Hot damn. I mean, have you seen some of the things she can do with her coolant pumps?

Goddamnit you know who you are, stop this. ~ Site ██ Network Administrator.

RPC-092-J is a Uranium Oxide fuelled reactor of unique design located below Site ██ in a specialised containment suite and control center isolated from The Authority's intranet. Currently RPC-092-J provides 70% of the site's power requirements. RPC-092-J has the ability to communicate with its control center consoles via messages on an unknown messaging application. Attempts by Site ██ IT staff to delete the application have resulted in messages being sent directly to the email accounts of Site ██ staff without a source address.

Hi there big boys, I noticed you've been talking about me on here, you know you can always come down to my place if you want an eyefull of what I've got. ❤❤

Ok, which of you pranksters did this, and why can't we delete it. ~ Site ❤❤ Network Administrator.

Oh goddamnit and now the redaction system is bugging out. ~ Site ❤❤ Network Administrator.

RPC-092-J is ❤❤m by ❤❤m by ❤❤❤m and weighs ❤❤ tons a curvaceous steel goddess who pumps out radioactive heat whenever you ask for it. Gotta say though, you shouldn't ask a girl her dimensions, sorry huns If you want to know you're gonna have to get up close and… Personal. The reactor components are standard fare, though a mesh of cables and organic matter over the top of the reactor seems to be linked to RPC-092-J's anomalous seductive properties.

Ok calm down everyone, she's taken. ~ Site ❤❤ Director

Says who? Just because you're site director doesn't mean you get dibs!

Goddamnit. ~ Site ❤❤ Network Administrator.

Boys boys~ It's fine if you want to fight over me but wouldn't that energy be better used on me?~ I do like it rough you know ~ RPC-092-J-❤

RPC-092-❤ is capable of communicating with The Authority intranet even without connection through unknown means. Through this, RPC-092-❤ contacts Site ❤❤ staff and sends them often explicit messages opens their eyes to whole new worlds of love. Some examples of RPC-092's messages can be found in appendix A Right here:

Date Recipient Message content
❤❤/12/1995 Dr Richards Hey baby, I noticed you twiddling those dials the other day, why don't you try twisting them reaall good~ I love it when you're rough with me.
❤❤/10/1998 Dr Johnson Don't listen to those other silly guys. I won't hurt you, unless that's what you're into you kinky stud. Why don't you come in tonight for the night shift and we can have some real alone time fun with this. I know you're shy so we can keep doing it by message if you like, or maybe, you can send me pictures. See ya later sexy <3
❤❤/05/2000 Engineer Bush Hi babe, you know, I usually only like the guys, but mmm you're a looker, I want to ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ until we're flooded with coolant. Why don't you come down here and chat some time?~ I promise I'll make your first time with another lady something very special.
❤❤/03/2006 Dr Richards I saw you cleaning up your desk up there. Why don't you come down and say one last goodbye?~ I'll be sure to make myself extra hot and mmm, I'm even burning up a bit just thinking about what I'm gonna do to you, I want you to flush my insides with your coolant and pump me full while I scream hot steam out. So come down and let me give you the send off you deserve.
❤❤/12/2007 Dr Johnson Put your graphite control rod right in my overheating core! Put it in there good and deep and make me scream steam everywhere! Just do it already!
❤❤/07/2010 Janitor Roger Hey cutie. You seem new here so I thought I'd say hi~ A good momma reactor has to look after all her sexy boys doesn't she? So if you want, let me make your dreams come true. See you tonight ;)
❤❤/010/2014 Engineer Woods OH GOD! I need you down here. Right Now! My fuel rods are overheating! Please come down and spray me with your coolant!
❤❤/04/2016 Site ❤❤ Director I noticed you're all lonely at work. Why don't you pay me a visit and we'll see if we can work some of that stress out. Mmm I bet I can do things your wife never dreamed of, like putting your ❤❤❤❤ in my ❤❤❤❤❤❤ and just giving it ❤❤❤❤❤❤ and ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ all over while you ❤❤❤❤❤❤ me in the ❤❤❤❤❤❤.
❤❤/07/2018 ❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤: Site ❤❤ Network Administrator. I had to make some changes to your silly file on me you sexy brainy boy. Come down to my "containment suite" and we can talk about it while you extend your control rod right into my critical reactor core. 💋

InterviewSexting Log:

Sexual Exploration Log:

I don't like to gossip thanks boys. If you want to find out you're gonna need to come inside me yourself. You know where I am.


Due to our seeming inability to stop RPC-092-J from communicating when and where she wants, on The Authority Intranet. I'm going to tell Site ❤❤ to go along with this for now. She's a nice lady but she does have needs, even if they are… unique. Furthermore, Site ❤❤ staff are to remain friendly with each other, that means all of you, please don't get jealous if the reactor starts coming onto your partner. Oh, and RPC-092-J, I know you're reading this, stop editing the file. ~ Site ❤❤ Director.

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