Registered Phenomena Code: 092

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Transmutation Hazard, Ecological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-092 is to be stored in a containment cell measuring 15m by 15m, at Site-002. Personnel are not to enter RPC-092's cell under any circumstances. CSD personnel and/or mechanical equipment is to be used for any and all interactions. Once per year, as many as 10 CSDs scheduled for extreme disciplinary action are to be introduced to RPC-092, and their remains sold to fund the Authority. Under no circumstances should any of these subjects be allowed to make direct contact with RPC-092. Testing of RPC-092 is only to be permitted pending approval from the Site Director, and transport of the object is to be handled using mechanical devices, with all personnel keeping at least 15m away from the object as it is transported to an appropriate testing chamber.

Description: RPC-092 is a marble sphere, measuring approximately 20 centimeters in diameter. The stone emanates an anomalous field, which affects all biological material in a radius of 10 meters. Within this field, living creatures are rapidly petrified, their bodies converted into a variety of stone-based materials.1 The time for full petrification varies, with larger masses taking longer, and humans are noted to require approximately fifteen seconds of exposure. This process is known to be extremely painful, and works from the exterior inward, meaning the subject will typically live, and even be capable of motion, until their vital organs are converted. The only known method of stopping and reverting this conversion is to take hold of RPC-092, which immediately undoes any petrification damage done to the holder.

At this point, the subject holding RPC-092 is capable of taking control of any petrified creatures around themselves, and the radius of the anomaly expands to 100 meters. Petrified creatures, now known as RPC-092-1, vary in physical properties and anomalous abilities.2 Subjects holding RPC-092 have absolute authority over RPC-092-1, even though instances often display identical personalities and memories to their post-conversion selves. If the holder of RPC-092 wishes, he can "kill" these personalities, reducing instances of RPC-092-1 to mindless entities, but this is considered unnecessary, as orders given by the holder will be followed without question. Instances of RPC-092-1 can be ordered to move beyond the radius of RPC-092, and function as normal.

RPC-092 was discovered on 05/03/██, after the Authority received tips regarding an anomalous influx of large, cut gemstones to the market. Tracking the source of these gems and other small stone products led to the discovery of the object, held by a jeweler in the city of [REDACTED]. In the ensuing recovery attempt, ██ MST members were converted, and subsequently ordered to attack others attempting recovery. The actions of MST-115 Sniper ██████ ████████ led to the death of the jeweler, and the eventual recovery of the object using remote methods, leading to it's current containment.


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