Registered Phenomena Code: 091

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Climatological Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-091-1 is to be contained within an approximately 160 km2 internal perimeter within the confines of OL-Site-91. The outer perimeter of OL-Site-91 is to be secured via a 2-meter high chainlink fence topped by razor wire, fitted with motion detectors every 10 meters, and regularly patrolled by no less than (5) five-man security teams, designated Alpha-1 through to Alpha-5, utilising on-site motor vehicles, at any time. Any civilian that enters the outer perimeter of OL-Site-91 are to be apprehended, interviewed and administered amnestics before being returned to their homes by Authority personnel.

The internal perimeter is to be secured via a combination of chainlink and triple stack concertina wire fences, fitted with a combination of motion detectors and Geiger–Müller counters every 10 meters and regularly patrolled by no less than (5) ten-man armed security teams, designated Bravo-1 through Bravo-5, utilising on-site armoured personnel carriers. Any breach of the internal perimeter is to be reported to the site administration immediately. Any civilian that manages to breach the internal perimeter is to be detained immediately, interviewed, kept in Authority custody for a period of 4 weeks for observation, administered amnestics before being returned to their homes by Authority personnel. Cover stories will be determined on a case by case basis due to the rarity of internal perimeter breaches.

All OL-Site-91 personnel must be regularly administered potassium iodide and █████████ to prevent undue injury from the radiation emission of RPC-091-1. All personnel that regularly leave the confines of the OL-Site-91 compound must be cycled off duty every 6 months to limit radiation exposure1.

A consistent no-fly-zone must be up-kept by Authority assets working with the military of Belarus under the guise of a military munitions test site, in a 300km2 area around RPC-091-1. Alongside this, the on-site electronic warfare department must keep up anti-satellite detection countermeasures.

Constant weather surveillance of the airspace of Belarus and intermittent weather surveillance over Europe must be carried out either by the internal meteorological department of OL-Site-91 or by another Site or Area capable of weather surveillance. Tools at the disposal of OL-Site-91 include weather satellites, on-site barometric equipment, and weather balloons. In addition to this data gathered from the Authority satellite ██████-1 pertaining to disturbances to the ionosphere must be relayed to OL-Site-91, as soon as possible. If significant enough disturbances in the expected Belarusian or European seasonal weather pattern occurs in association with significant disturbances in the ionosphere, protocol Sigma-CYCLONE must be put into action.


The cyclone that preceded the first instance of RPC-091.

Description: The first instance of RPC-091 was a cumulonimbus cloud that formed over the town of Kobryusk, Belarus, covering an area of 150 km2. RPC-091 formed during a category 1 cyclone that was over Belarus in 26/██/████ - 28/██/████. RPC-091 lasted for 28 days after the end of the cyclone. RPC-091, visually, appeared non-anomalous and performed all of the regular functions of a cumulonimbus cloud including rainfall and the production of convection currents. The anomalous effects of RPC-091 were intermittent pulses of alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation measured at an amount of █████ MBq2 and a unique disturbance of the ionosphere that was detectable by Authority asset ██████-1. RPC-091 also resulted in complete communications, radio and radar 'blackout' of the town of Kobryusk for the duration of RPC-091.

The second instance of RPC-091 formed over an uninhabited area of Belarus on ██/██/████, █ months after the first instance. No casualties were recorded and it did not lead to the formation of an anomalous zone.

The combination of radiation and any other unknown anomalous mechanisms had a profound effect on the town of Kobryusk, which is designated as RPC-091-1. RPC-091-1 is a twisted, altered facsimile of the previous town of Kobryusk with obvious deformations and changes that affect the architecture and layout. Satellite reconnaissance has shown the following features to be prevalent across RPC-091-1

  • Buildings that are canted to angles that would not allow for structural integrity under normal conditions.
  • Streets that are either too small or too wide in places.
  • Non-conventional materials making up buildings, roads, and pavements.
  • Houses, roads, and street objects that are merged into each other.
  • Deviations from the standard 'Soviet bloc' architecture.

RPC-091-1 also emits ████ Bq/h of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation into the general vicinity.

No bodies, cars, or any other indicators of human or animal habitation have been discovered through any means of reconnaissance. It is the opinion of OL-Site-91 researchers that RPC-091-1 is uninhabited.

Based upon satellite and aerial inspection, RPC-091-1 was determined to be 'moderately hazardous' and a survey team designated Survey-1 composed of ██ CSD personnel was sent to take readings and make observations. Survey-1 was chaperoned by OL-Site-91 staff via aerial reconnaissance drones and radio contact. The environmental results measured by Survey-1 are as follows:

  • Ambient temperature of 15°c that matches the regular seasonal temperature of Belarus.
  • Localised areas of decreased/increased gravitational field strength, ± ██N/Kg
  • Localised areas of magnetic force, measuring up to █ Teslas in strength.
  • Localised areas of spontaneous radiation emission, measuring up to ██,███ mSv

Subjective anomalies reported by members of Survey-1 are as follows:

  • The view appears to lense in certain places, becoming distorted.
  • Some surfaces appear to heat mirage, independent of the local temperature.
  • Some zones of RPC-091-1, when entered, have altered colours. Some zones appear monochromatic whereas others appear achromatic, and others have regular colour distribution.

After five hours the remaining █ CSD personnel were extracted by Authority assets and debriefed at OL-Site-91. RPC-091-1 was determined to be 'extremely hazardous' upon debriefing.

A video recovered from a personal recording device recovered by Survey-1, taken during the instance of RPC-091.

Operation Green Storm

Further manned patrols into RPC-091-1 are discontinued until further notice.
-OL-Site-91 Director Dr. █████ ████████

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